Fringe Festival: Philly's Top Talents

Mary McCool, 30, Center City
Mary McCool, 30, Center City
Actress, Freedom Club (Live Arts)

Companies: New Paradise Laboratories and The Riot Group

Describe the Show: “It’s a comedy about defining freedom in the United States, starting in the past, during the Civil War and the emancipation of the slaves. And the second part of the show examines defining freedom in the near future with women’s rights being the key issue. In the future, America has been taken over by the right wing. And part two focuses on a left wing group - a resistance group - that’s trying to find what they can do. But like so much of the left wing today, they can’t quite agree on anything.”

Shows You’ll See:Portmanteau, the Applied Mechanics show. I think the subtitle is ‘An Invasion Play’. I want to see Dracula, because it’s supposed to be really scary. And The Sun Also Rises. I saw it two years ago in a festival and loved it.”

What Else You Do: “I’m looking forward to this coming season. I recently got a fellowship, so I’ll be developing some work of my own. Outside of theater, I ride my bike around the city quite a bit, and I’m becoming an amateur mixologist. And I work at Quig’s, which has become the theater community’s private club in a really great way.”


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