Will This Doctor Hurt Your Baby?

Thanks to celebrity anti-vaccine crusaders like Jenny McCarthy and Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Children’s Hospital doctor and vaccine inventor Paul Offit gets death threats from parents frantic about autism — and worse. He’s had enough. He’s taking his critics on

Here’s what the culture of science dictates that Paul Offit should say in response to the Green Our Vaccines rally:

These conclusions are not supported by the data.

Then he should walk you through that data, patiently, bloodlessly. He should explain how scientists have gone looking, 18 times now, in 18 separate studies, for any link between vaccines and autism. And they’ve come up empty, however they slice it, whether they’re looking at the measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) shot or the mercury-derived chemical preservative called thimerosal. It does not logically follow that the frickin’ mercury could cause autism, because the frickin’ mercury was removed from U.S. children’s vaccines in 2001, except for some flu vaccines, and rates of autism keep going up and up and up anyway. As for broader fears of “vaccine overload” — the idea that moms and dads today are being asked to give their kids more vaccines than their kids’ immune systems can handle, as many as 26 inoculations over two years — Offit should acknowledge your worries with a sympathetic phrase or two (“I get it, I get that that’s hard to do”) before pointing out that vaccines have become so pinprick-precise, so laser-targeted, that whenever a kid gets the slightest paper cut, and some portion of the trillion or so bacteria sitting around on the surface of that kid’s skin infiltrates that kid’s immune system, the kid is “vaccinated” in quantities that dwarf the comparatively minuscule load of those 26 inoculations.

Offit should say all of that — and stop.

But of course, he doesn’t stop. Because if he stops, he loses. And if he loses, kids die. Maybe yours.

ONE DAY IN 1991, when Offit was a young attending doctor at CHOP, he was called in to consult on three or four patients. They were behind Plexiglas at the hospital’s intensive care unit. They were slung across stretchers, with plastic breathing tubes down their throats, which fed them maximal concentrations of oxygen. The kids were obviously in bad shape. There was almost no viable tissue left in their lungs. They were dying.

The parents of these children, Offit later learned, belonged to a church community in North Philly that practiced faith healing. None of the kids had been vaccinated against the measles or any other disease. Their parents didn’t believe in vaccines. This was unfortunate, because the measles virus is not really affected by human belief. The measles has never been eradicated completely, like smallpox. It’s still around, lurking — a spark looking for the right tinder. That summer, a particle of the measles virus happened to catch in that church community, blazing rapidly through its unvaccinated kids, and there was nothing Offit could do. It was too late. Offit saw those kids every day, as they slowly drowned in their own fluids.

The experience would have transformed anyone. “You can’t watch that happen and not be affected by it,” Offit says. But he took the deaths of those children especially personally, because he knew the man who had invented the shot that would have saved them. His name was Maurice Ralph Hilleman, and he was one of Offit’s mentors. But more than that, he was a hero to Offit. You can’t understand Offit — the choices he’s made, the sharp, irreverent, earnest way he talks — without understanding Hilleman.

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  • Ken

    What is Barbaro Lo Fisher doing at the National Academy of Sciences?

  • sheila

    This is in response to "Will this doctor hurt your baby?" Have people forgotten about all of us adults born during the "baby boom" ? We are the largest bulk of the population, and were immunizied as a matter of course. Schools would not admit children without them, and how many of us have developed autism??? I feel the greater fear is that of today's children contracting diseases (and spreading them) to other chidren who may become sick and die. Have all of the parents of today become victims of mass hysteria??

  • Herb

    Dr. Paul Offit , of Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) received at least $29 million from his share of royalties for Merck's Rotateq vaccine after using his position with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to ensure that his vaccine became compulsory. A review of CHOP's royalties schedules reveals Offit likely received between $29 million – $55 million for his work developing the vaccine. Because the vaccine is jointly owned by CHOP and WistarInstitute but Offit is the only inventor listed on the patent, he received 100 percent of inventor's rights payments from CHOP. "Clearly, based on the distribution of income rights outlined in [CHOP's policies], Paul Offit had a greater personal interest in Rotateq's commercial success than any other single individual in the world," say Dan Olmsted and Mark Blaxill, authors of a report on the subject . "And more than other individual in the world, he found himself in a position to directly influence that success."

  • Dave

    Sheila – yes baby boomers were vaccinated. But the number of vaccines has tripled since then. Furthermore, vaccines used to come in single-dose vials with no preservatives. Now they come in big jugs loaded with toxic preservatives and chemicals. There is little "science" backing up big Pharma's claims that vaccines are safe. Only 3 vaccines have been studied and only 1 ingredient has been studied. Hardly a thorough investigation into the safety of vaccines.There is little science available, and much of the published research was conducted by people who have significant conflicts of interest.

  • Bob

    Vaccine safety is not a debate between Jenny McCarthy and Dr. Offit. It is..and..has always been..a debate between "science and common sense". Both "science" and "common sense" reject the idea of a "one size fits all vaccine". Please read Charles Richet's Nobel Prize winning speech "Anaphylaxis" at http://tinyurl.com/3eey7pWherein this Nobel Prize winner teaches that each individual is "born" with an immune system that is an unique to that individual as are their fingerprints and DNA. For Dr. Offit to pretend otherwise…defies BOTH "science and common sense".

  • Tracy

    You say vaccines don't cause autism, but only the MMR has been tested and studied for this purpose. The MMR isn't even given until age 1, after many kids already show signs. How about testing the many vaccines given between birth and the MMR? Animal studies have shown that very early immune stressors, from natural infections or vaccines, can cause lasting abnormalities in behavior and brain sructure. Sound familiar?You can talk about research on whether the MMR causes autism, but that doesn't translate to "vaccines don't cause autism." Do the rest of the research. And sorry, removing or studying thimerosal doesn't count for studying the actual vaccines. We are talking about immune function, and vaccines given early need to be studied. Maternal infections such as flu, herpes, measles and rubella are all linked to higher rates of autism in the developing child. Is it really such a stretch to think that a vaccine given on day one (hep B) or day 42 (dtap and several others) post natal

  • Tracy

    Sheila, the vaccine schedule in place today is nothing like todays. Pull out your shot card. I was born in the 70s (much later than boomers) and I was a military kid and I got the MMR (at 2, much older than today) and DTP at much longer intervals and ages than today, and polio. That's it. No flu vaccine twice in the first twleve months. No hep B. No chicken pox. No prevnar (seven strains). No hep A. No Hib. No rotavirus. You need to get a clue; they need to test this full schedule for its relation to autism. All of these vaccines need to be studied.

  • Mrs.

    If the possible dangerous side effects had been better known, I may have been able to prevent further injury to my baby. But because of people like Offit, our pediatrician kept telling us projectile vomiting, high pitched screaming, fever and misery, were "normal" side effects of vaccination. That was wrong. Those were signs of brain swelling, which led to loss of skills and evnentualy autism. Offit is a dangerous man, because he has the two most dangerous attributes a man can possess: arrogance and greed. Vaccines can cause brain injury. It is not a coincidence, and it is not rare.

  • Mrs. Pickle

    This was a very enlightening article. It explains a lot. Offit's earliest role models were, in his own words, "bullshiters". Very interesting indeed. He even slanders Dr. Wakefield by falsely saying he just made up the link between the MMR vaccine and autism. Anyone who has read Wakefields work knows that his hypothosis was duplicated, and that Wakefield never recommend NOT vaccinating, he just suggested giving the components of the MMR seperately. But I guess even suggesting seperating vaccines is enough to brand you a medical heratic. Dr. Wakefield is intellegent and honest. He never backed down when everyone else was caving into the blackmail of losing their reputations for daring to question the safety of a particular vaccine product. Offit is not fit to lick Wakefield's shoe. So he just spreads bullshit about him. You know, there are plenty of people that disagree about the connection between autism and vaccines. People dislike Offit because of who he is, not his stand on the issu

  • Not a Fan of Paul Offit
  • Not a fan of Paul Offit

    For killing and maiming numerous infants. Thanks so much for interviewing Paul and asking all the really tough questions like "how did you feel when the first Rotavirus vaccine which you were involved in creating killed those babies?" "Wouldn't that one vaccine being recalled at least make you a little more open to the idea that vaccines sometimes have serious reactions and parents might have reason to not vaccinate?"

  • GrammaKnows

    It is time to do a literary comparison. Dr Offit's False Prophets next to his The Cutter Incident and hold both up to the light of day. In the Cutter Incident, he reports as fact the allegations made by parents and vaccine safety advocates. His purpose is to manipulate the public into investing in HIS future, not the future of their children. His purpose is not to go and research his own Frankenstein creation as new science on molecular mimicry emerges and the rotavirus strains in "his" vaccines trigger millions of cases of celiac disease, his purpose is to liken his windfall to "winning the lottery".Barbara Loe-Fisher is correct. He is an elitist – and he feeds on the blood of our children.

  • Anne

    In your glowing coverage of Paul Offit, man with a mission, you forget to mention AUTISM. Autism is destroying our children at a rate of one in every 150 kids, one in every 94 boys, if you believe outdated, worthless statistics from the CDC done back in 2000 and 2002. It's one in every 60 kids, one in every 38 boys, if you believe more accurate figures from Cambridge, England.Either way, autism will bankrupt us in the coming years as autistic children become dependent adults. I can't wait how Offit will explain things when that happens.Anne DachelMedia editor Age of Autismhttp://www.ageofautism.com/

  • Lora

    We are raising two children (not genetically related, and born on opposite sides of the country) on the spectrum. The only co-existing factor was the pediatrician, vaccine batch numbers, and observing their individual reactions to the shots and ultimate regression. After 26 successful years, we are now in bankruptcy court. I hope that Mr. Offit and his offspring enjoy generations of happy family life with the millions of dollars that were made by destroying the lives of the children of this generation. Not to mention the blatant conflict of interest with the patent $$ and the committee recommendations. While that may sound harsh, our family is affected daily by this disability and struggling to survive. Barbara made the point – greed and arrogance. It is just too sad for the ones that will pay the price for the rest of their lives.

  • Anne

    I would hate to have that guy pop into my room to treat my kid. So I'm NEVER going to CHOP.

  • Ken

    Offit had nothing to do with the first rotovirus vaccine. He is not receiving royalty payments from Merck. Rotovirus used to kill about 2,000 children a day in the third world. His vaccine is given orally, and it has never been shown to be harmful. Dan Olmsted is a paid publicist for an anti-vaccine group called Generation Rescue. Mark Blaxill still calls autism a "misdiagnosis of mercury poisoning".

  • Jaime

    Vaccines Don't Cause Autismwww.tinyurl.com/ld2pd2www.tinyurl.com/da6yrewww.tinyurl.com/2hshq5www.tinyurl.com/me5qohwww.tinyurl.com/newp2uswww.tinyurl.com/3mbvn8The HepB vaccine, unnecessary in most infants doesn't cause any damage. The anti-vaccine Luddites are just a bunch of cranks. They don't understand vaccines. We think Dr. Offit is a genius- they should mandate this vaccine for all infants! http://iansvoice.org/default.aspxDr. Offit is the true only knowing one!

  • Richard

    Dr. Offit, mouthpiece for the profession which created the autism epidemic through their rather reckless and largely untested use of a vaccine protocol which caused more damage than unknown lives saved, promotes vaccine mandates seemingly without diversion, without sense and against professional ethics and international medical standards and treaties.So be it. Who can fault him. http://iansvoice.org/default.aspx;

  • Cindy

    Fagone describes Offit as “six feet tall, and he goes to work in lumpy Polartec fleeces and khakis, and he’s got these wide, bright, owlish eyes and a springy, tousled head of graying hair.” How grandfatherly. He describes Barbara Loe Fisher as “The woman who called him an elitist… whose website features a quote from her decrying the State’s ability to “tag, track down and force citizens against their will to be injected with biologicals of unknown toxicity.” Fagone shows repeated disdain for Fisher and Jenny McCarthy, yet paints a picture of Paul Offit as a monarch of saintlihood better than Bob Ross himself could do. Happy little clouds. Happy little trees. Happy little vaccinated children.As a published writer and a member of the autism community, I find Mr. Fagone’s patently one-sided article to be an embarrassment to journalism. Perhaps Mr. Offit shared with him some of the estimated $29-50 million he has made from the several patents he holds on vaccines. Dr. Offit h

  • Anne

    http://fourteenstudies.org/They certainly don't show vaccines are not the cause of autism.

  • Cindy

    Dr. Offit has used his newly-appointed pulpit at the Centers for Disease Control as a platform to urge parents to vaccinate their children while profiting from the obvious conflict of interest with his position at the CDC.And seriously, enough with the drama of death threats. It's old and tiring.

  • Anne

    fourteenstudies dot org

  • G

    Perhaps Dr.Offet would like to share his wealth with the numerous parents of autistic children who have spent every dime and continue to spend what they don't have each and every day in the quest to help their child. Does Dr. Offet have grandchildren? I would be curious to know what vaccinations they have had? As far as being responsible for the aging Autistic Community that grows by leaps and bounds every year….What does he care? He will be dead and gone by that time and we will all be left to handle the chaso that he helped create.

  • Kim

    both of my son's grandmothers have lupus, one also has epilepsy. why should he have gotten so many vaccines by age 6 months when we had no IDEA what kind of immune system we were dealing with? aren't vaccines meant to "trick" the immune system? what if it's impaired or non-existent? why did my son need to be protected from HepB? what was his risk for that disease? NONE? the questions from parents of affected kids are endless and cannot be answered in lots of cases. the point is the whole program needs an overhaul. and FAST.

  • mom

    Jason wrote:"Then McCarthy, wearing an emerald-green t-shirt, delivered a short speech decrying “the frickin’ mercury” she claimed was in vaccines,"Actually Jason, it's not just a "claim." 25 mcgs. of ethyl mercury really is in the flu shot that gets injected into a tiny babies and pregnant moms. I think "frickin" is a bit of an understatement, don't you? Mercury is the most toxic non-radioactive element on earth. Would you inject it into your baby?

  • Laurie

    This article doesn't read like a piece of journalism but an advocacy piece. I've never heard a celebrity say they are "anti-vaccine," rather, they question why so many and so soon when no other developed nation has this schedule. The name calling by this author doesn't help the situation.And where's the information about how many millions Dr. Offit has made from big pharma. I'm sure he's protecting us all in the same way Goldman Sachs et al did while laughing all the way to the bank.

  • Stephen

    So much misinformation in the postings; I will correct some. Vaccines are currently in single dose vials, they used to be in 10 dose vials, with thimerisol (to prevent bacterial growth). All vaccines are tested in double blind placebo controlled trials before they are approved. Dr. Wakefield is a fraud. His "study" was of 12 patients, sent to him by trial lawyers, along with $800,000. No one has duplicated his work, and his lab assistant testified under oath that all samples tested negative for measles virus, yet Dr. Wakefield reported them as positive. Some samples have been retested and have all been negative. Dr. Wakefield has also accused the MMR vaccine of causing Crohn's disease. 25 micrograms of mercury is less mercury than in a day's supply of breast milk or formula. It is not the most toxic element on earth. The most research on vaccines and autism have been done on the MMR and thimerisol because the autism community had insisted that was what was causing the autism.

  • Stephen

    Boys have 4 times the rate of autism as girls, yet they get the same vaccines.Increasing autism rates have affected most developed countries, yet they all have different vaccine schedules.The number of parents refusing vaccines or splitting vaccines has increased (I am a pediatrician in practice for more than 10 years), yet autism rates continue to increase.If vaccines caused autism by "overwhelming the immune system" then when vaccines were added to the schedule, rates would increase, and when there are vaccine shortages, rates would decrease. There have been several vaccine shortages over the past 10 years involving Prevnar, Flu, HiB yet autism rates have not declined. The vaccine schedule has not changed in several years, and autism rates continue to increase. If vaccines caused autism, rates would be stable.The immune system can make antibodies to approximately 10 billion antigens. The complete vaccine series from birth to 18 months has a total of about 150 antigens, wh

  • Stephen

    The complete vaccine series from birth to 18 months has a total of about 150 antigens. To put that in perspective, is is much less than the average child is exposed to every day (2,000 to 6,000) simply by eating and breathing. It is much less than the 1000 antigens of the old DTP vaccine or the Smallpox vaccine (200 antigens). How is this overwhelming? I have tremendous sympathy for families with autistic children, but it is extremely unlikely vaccines had anything to do with it. I am glad I vaccinated my children; it was the right thing for them and for my community

  • Tracy

    you can't say autism is not caused by "vaccines" when the only vaccine studied is the MMR! Give me a break. I don't care if it's the one most complained about as noted by "concerned pediatrician" above, you CAN NOT say vaccines don't cause autism. AT BEST you can say the MMR does not cause autism. STUDY the rest. Until then, I am rightfully going to be furious when I hear idiots parrot the line "research doesn't support the link between autism and vaccines." That's convenient when you've only got research about one vaccine!

  • Stephen

    True, you can never say with certainty that vaccines don't cause autism, no matter how much research is done. That is because science can never prove a negative. Repeated research just makes it less and less likely. The goal in research is to disprove the null hypothesis. In this case, the null hypothesis is that vaccines do not cause autism. Thus far, it has not been disproven. It has also never been shown that seat belts don't cause heart attacks, or that air bags don't cause breast cancer, but that doesn't mean that they do. Saying that research does not support a link between vaccines and autism is technically correct. Those who believe that vaccines cause autism will always believe that, no matter how much research is done. Unfortunately, children are dying becuase of their parents beliefs.

  • Sarah

    It appears that you have not read many package inserts. Vaccines are NOT tested via Double blind placebo controlled studies…that is a blatent lie! The 'control group' is typically another vaccine. I have a stack of package inserts in front of me. Which one are you looking at?Please post your name and what hospital you are affiliated with. I would like to do a search on your credentials…that is if you really are a pediatrician.

  • MRH

    You ungrateful conspiracy theorists. Talk to a doctor from a foreign country where they don't have access to these wonderful vaccines and let them tell you how children die all the time from vaccine preventable diseases and in this country where they are plentiful, people refuse them. All hail the pediatricians who do the right thing, which is throw parents who choose not to vaccinate their kids, out of their practices! Go ahead take your medical advice from Oprah and former playmate Jenny McCarthy. Dr Offit, you are the voice of reason in a sea of lunacy. I appreciate all you do and have done to save kids lives and save parents the grief of a child that dies from a vaccine PREVENTABLE disease. For all of you misinformed or should I say ill-informed folks on here do your research and explain to me why Measles is coming back and killing kids. Is the blood on Jenny's hands or Oprah's? Dr Offit has dedicated his life to helping kids and CHOP is lucky to have him.

  • joe

    This destroys the creditability of the IOM report completely. and all the large population based studies. Especially the two Denmark studies. That are always being touted, that they Denmark took out the Thimerosal and the Autism went up so that settles it. Not really, this is an excerpt that destroys Denmark's credibility "As questionable as the US thimerosal methodology was, "it was an improvement on other studies, including the two in Denmark, both of which had serious weaknesses in their designs," Dr. Irva Hertz-Picciotto, Professor of Public Health at UC Davis Medical School and Chair of the NIEHS panel"ordered by congress to look at the evidence of the CDC on vaccines causing autism Dr. she also said this ; That leaves very little for the CDC to go on in terms of proving that thimerosal and autism are not associated in any way. So how can the special masters make a statement like the evidence was so overwelmingly against the parents, and that they had no choi

  • Joe

    So how can the special masters make a statement like the evidence was so over welmingly against the parents, and that they had no choice but to rule the way they did. A complete lack of integrity, or maybe they just did not read the congressional report condemning the CDC,s evidence on autism and vaccines causation. May I remind you Dr.s and Ped's that the Vaccine compensation court sited the IOM report as proof of the science that was so overwhelmingly against the parents. When byron child asked CDC spokesperson Curtis Allen for a copy of thecontract that would detail the agreement between the IOM and the CDC, Allenstated that the contract would be available only in a heavily "redacted" orblacked-out format. Dr.the only time you black out something, is when you are trying hide something. The IOM stated "no comment" to byron child about the leaked transcript or itsuse in the pending civil court case. Dr.s and Ped's notice that the IOM is not saying

  • Joe

    Dr. McCormick, for example, in speaking of the CDC, noted that the agency"wants us to declare, well, these things are pretty safe on a populationbasis." (See Exhibit 1 at page 33). It is later stated that what walt wants walt generally gets Dr., I fail to see the science in telling someone not to find the vaccines unsafe on a population basis This is the IOM actual minutes on what was on their mind,and I assure you Dr. it was not the children's safety "We've got a dragon by the tail here," states a committee member in thetranscript. "At the end of the line, what we know is – and I agree – thatthe more negative that presentation [the report] is, the less likely peopleare to use vaccination, immunization, and we know what the results of thatwill be. We are kind of caught in a trap. How we work our way out of thetrap, I think, is the charge." It seems here they were discussing lying to the American people for their own good or the good of

  • Joe

    They always tout the IOM report for dismissing a link to vaccines and autism here's the truth the IOM was ordered not to find causation it was in their contractThis is the IOM actual minutes on what was on their mind,and I assure you Dr.s and Ped.'s it was not the children's safety "We've got a dragon by the tail here," states a committee member in thetranscript. "At the end of the line, what we know is – and I agree – thatthe more negative that presentation [the report] is, the less likely peopleare to use vaccination, immunization, and we know what the results of thatwill be. We are kind of caught in a trap. How we work our way out of thetrap, I think, is the charge." It seems here they were discussing lying to the American people for their own good or the good of the vaccine program. The flip side of that coin is that they are willing to allow more children to be harmed so the truth doesn't get out. Dr.s ; as an intelligent people are you caug

  • Joe

    Dr. ; as an intelligent person are you caught in a trap, if you find nothing? Do you have to work your way out of something your not in? The IOM findings were, no causation for vaccines, and autism, and don't look at vaccines again. To put your money where you will get more bang for your buck. Dr., the above statement is a far cry from "the more negative that presentation [the report] is, the less likely peopleare to use vaccination, immunization, and we know what the results of thatwill be. We are kind of caught in a trap Again you are not caught in a trap, if you find nothing! They the IOM seems to be more worried about the vaccine program than the children being over dosed with mercury.

  • Joe

    Read the simpsonwood transcripts and you will know whyI am saying this is a cover up. the lead Dr. at simpsonwood said ; Dr. Brent: Page 229: "The medical legal findings in this study, causal or not, are horrendous and therefore, it is important that the suggested epidemiological, pharmacokinetic, and animal studies be performed. If an allegation was made that a child's neurobehavioral findings were caused by Thimerosal containing vaccines, you could readily find a junk scientist who would support the claim with "a reasonable degree of certainty". But you will not find a scientist with any integrity who would say the reverse with the data that is available. And that is true. So we are in a bad position from the standpoint of defending any lawsuits if they were initiated and I am concerned."

  • Joe

    You see it was not the welfare of the children they were worried about, it was this; So we are in a bad position from the standpoint of defending any lawsuits if they were initiated and I am concerned." Parents remember this at the next visit to your Ped.for those all so safe vaccines NOT!

  • Joe

    It has just come to light that the CDC admitted in a report to congress that the Dir. admits to a startling string of errors in the design and methods used in the CDC's landmark 2003 study that found no link between mercury in vaccines and autism, ADHD, speech delay or tics. has delivered a potentially explosive report to the powerful House Appropriations Committee, in which she admits to a startling string of errors in the design and methods used in the CDC's landmark 2003 study that found no link between mercury in vaccines and autism, ADHD, speech delay or tics.Gerberding was responding to a 2006 report from the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS), which concluded that methodology such as that used in the CDC's flagship thimerosal safety study is riddled with "several areas of weaknesses" that combine to "reduce the usefulness" of using the data in such a way. "CDC concurs," Dr. Gerberding wrote in an undated report to Congress

  • Joe

    The head of the CDC is saying that its most powerful and convincing piece of exonerating evidence for thimerosal was based on anecological analysis of data whose methodology would be, in effect, "useless" for future study. Dr.s and Ped's this is the panels chairs findings As questionable as the US thimerosal methodology was, "it was an improvement on other studies, including the two in Denmark, both of which had serious weaknesses in their designs," Dr. Irva Hertz-Picciotto, Professor of Public Health at UC Davis Medical School and Chair of the NIEHS panel, told reporter Dan Olmsted at UPI.That leaves very little for the CDC to go on in terms of proving that thimerosal and autism are not associated in any way. Paul Proffit that leaves the CDC with absolutly nothing!!!! except junk science. This reminds me of Jack Nicholson saying to tom cruise " YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH" Some one once wrote an article parents dupted by junk science, if what I wrote is true and I

  • Joe

    This reminds me of Jack Nicholson saying to tom cruise " YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH" Some one once wrote an article parents dupted by junk science, if what I wrote is true and I assure you it is. Then it is not parents dupted,by junk science it is well meaning good Dr.s.and Ped's

  • Joe

    So you are saying we should be grateful for Emails like these ;email from the FOIA CDC to another CDC agent "whats in the vaccines! how could the FDA approve a preservative with out knowing how much mercury it contains what else is lurking that we don't know about" or maybe this one ; AS read at a congressional hearing on vaccines FDA officer to an FDA officer "were afraid the public will perceive us asleep at the switch for decades for allowing this dangerous compound to remain in the vaccines". AS read at a congressional hearing on vaccines "And it is no longer going to wash, that their is no evidence of a risk". ( seems here their getting away with something, until this guy figures out to much evidence is out there, and he is appearing to be saying the jig is up ) Is this the kind of uncaring people we need working in vaccine safety? I think not!

  • Joe

    This was not rocket science this was 9th grade mathhow could this have happened.He was referring to the cumulative doses adding up to mercury poisoning, for example the EPA defines liquid toxic waste as 200 PPB some children in the 90's got 9 vaccines on one day at one setting 7 of which contained the mercury to a wopping 32,500 PPBThat is a train wreck, and that is the definationof AUTISM a train wreck If you have children and you love them please by all means.Do your own research the CDC is fooling all of you.Trying to salvage a totally useless very dangerous vaccine program.

  • joe

    continued from previous postThis was not rocket science this was 9th grade math how could this have happened.It seems these brilliant people at the CDC cannot evendo 9th grade math.No it's more like they got caught with their pants downfinding out the damage is so extensive it is better to lie and deny and decieve the American people and put the financial burdon on the parents.The AAP is no better they recieve 70 something milliona year and most comes from vaccine makers.infact the vaccine makers built the new AAP building.so that's why they have never met a vaccine they did not like they owe their soul to big pharma and satan

  • joe

    You ungrateful conspiracy theorists. Talk to a doctor from a foreign country No you dont get it, we do not need to be vaccinated like third world countrys. We have clean water and sewers. that is what stopped the terrable diseasesin the U.S. it was not the vaccines. stop lying for big pharma.

  • Joe

    It has already come out the swine flu pandemic was man made, trying to push a pandemic. How easly we forget last month when we found out that a vaccine co from the US sent bird flu to another countrys vaccine co where they mixed the bird flu with the reg seasonal flu and sent it to 17 countrys.Is this not home grown terrorism?

  • Joe

    I challange you offit on this forum on the science. youand me one on one Im just the dad of an vaccine damaged child.

    • AFH

      Dude, you can’t even write a coherent comment on this article. You’ve got some brushing up to do.

  • Stephen

    There is no way I would ever post my name or hospital affiliation. I don't need death threats on me or my family by any of the loons out there. All vaccines, like all medicines, go through 3 phases of clinical trials. I have given lectures on the studies done on Gardasil and Rotateq, both of which were compared to placebo. How else would you be able know what percent had side effects? Vaccines also undergo concomittant studies, meaning they are studied with other vaccines on the schedule given at the same time. The package inserts don't have every study.

  • MRH

    I am sorry your child has autism. Can someone be FOR vaccine use and FOR autism research? I am. I can't even imagine how difficult it is for you and your family and I would only hope that you would do the math for yourself and not blame the vaccines. The sad truth is that Dr Offit would never debate you as for you, the issue is not debatable and you can not be reasoned with. Read all the posts, mercury is not used anymore, it was never used in MMR, a live vaccine that does not need preservative. Autism rates continue to increase, especially in boys. The jury is still out as to what is the cause, but blaming vaccines only puts more kids at risk of disease and death. It is about the science and not the fear and hype.

  • Brian

    As a pediatrician who specializes in children with Developmental Delays and especially autism, I have met too many parents whose stories make the connection. Even if 90% of those parents are wrong, that leaves hundreds who might be right. Dr. Offit's and Dr. Wakefield should collaborate, not go to war. A generation is losing time.

    • Cindy

      Dear God…. why won’t anyone interview THIS GUY ^^ He makes SENSE. Thousands upon thousands of parents can’t be wrong!

  • Jessie

    Why not look at the rate of autism in vacinnated children versus non-vaccinated? I believe the statistics there are startling – and it doesn't look good for vaccines.

  • Joe

    Did you not read? what I wrote titled;The CDC has junk science and here's proof/JUNK SCIENCE IN THE BIG POPULATION STUDIES

  • jennifer

    I am a parent of two small boys and an aunt to a 11 year old boy with autisum. I want to vaccinate…but not according to the CDC and AAP schedule. I give one shot at a time and spaced out. The problem now is that I cannot find a pediatrician anywhere that has the individual measles, mumps and rubella shots. My older son was fortunate to get them seperated. My 19 month old must remain unprotected unless I am willing to give him the MMR shot. I think that this is ridiculous and it makes me angry that they would rather that he get nothing if I do not want to do things their way. I even have to sign a document that says that I am a bad mother every time I take him to the dr. Does anyone know of ANY doctor in the tri-state area that will seperate the shots??? and has them available to give???

  • Stephen

    Merck is no longer making individual vaccines for measles, mumps, and rubella, so it is nearly impossible to find. There are so many studies that show whether or not you get the MMR has no influence on autism rates, I am not sure why you would give the child 3 shots instead of one.

  • BJ

    Hey — not a scientist here, just a mom of vaccine-induced autism from Delaware. My child has recovered from his dx of autism using biomedical interventions which you scoff at, Dr. Offit. I cannot fathom how you continue to be the media "go-to" person, seeing as there is a HUGE conflict of interest being as you prOffitted $29 million or so from vaccines . . . wanna appear on Larry King, or another public venue, in a debate against me? Ready, willing, and able. How in the world do you sleep at night?

  • Rebecca

    and this gross inaccuracy alone is enough to make me doubt the integrity of your reporting.

  • Kristina

    I do not believe vaccines cause austism, this is something made up to find an excuse, vaccines help so many people and I have had everyone of them and am not autistic. This is extremely overly commercialized by celebrities as usual.

  • Chris

    If you go into this debate with preconceptions and fear, you will only see and hear what you want to. The facts that do not support your preconceived vision of the world become either unwitting errors, or indications of some dark and Machiavellian conspiracy. Think with your heads people! Look up the definition of ideomotor action and then tell me what you truly "know."

  • StopJenny

    "There is much debate regarding the correlation of childhood vaccines and the occurrence of autism in children. The weight of currently available scientific evidence does not support the hypothesis that vaccines cause autism. We recognize there is considerable public interest in this issue." -U.S. Dept. of Health & Human Resources (http://www.hhs.gov/autism/)

    "The author concludes that recent studies have found no association between MMR vaccination and autism. The frequent embryologic neuroanatomic abnormalities found in children with autism lessen the likelihood that MMR immunization is a major risk factor. The Immunization Safety Review Committee of the Institute of Medicine and a special American Academy of Pediatrics panel have concluded that evidence does not support MMR immunization as a risk factor for autism." -RICHARD SADOVSKY, M.D., American Academy of Family Physicians (http://www.aafp.org/afp/20020301/tips/14.html)

    stopjenny dot com
    dangeroustalk dot net/a-team/Vacc

  • StopJennyDotCom

    "On May 18th, 2004, the Institute of Medicine (IOM) released its eighth and final report from its Immunization Safety Review Committee. Based on a thorough review of clinical and epidemiological studies, neither the mercury-based vaccine preservative thimerosal nor the measles-mumps-rubella (MMR) vaccine are associated with autism, says the new report. Furthermore, the hypotheses regarding how the MMR vaccine and thimerosal could trigger autism lack supporting evidence and are theoretical only. Further research to find the cause of autism should be directed toward other lines of inquiry that are supported by current knowledge and evidence and offer more promise for providing an answer, said the committee that wrote the report. The American Medical Association (AMA) lauds the process that went into the creation of this scientific report and applauds the IOM and the CDC for their strong efforts in continuing to ensure the safety of the vaccines that are administered in the United State

  • StopJennyDotCom

    "…The American Medical Association (AMA) lauds the process that went into the creation of this scientific report and applauds the IOM and the CDC for their strong efforts in continuing to ensure the safety of the vaccines that are administered in the United States through post-market surveillance and studies such as this." -American Medical Association (http://www.ama-assn.org/ama/pub/category/13703.html&quot;

    Stop Jenny (http://www.stopjenny.com)
    And for more info, "http://www.dangeroustalk.net/a-team/Vaccines

  • StopJennyDotCom

    For more literature debunking the vaccine/autism hypothesis, go to the Pubmed website and just copy and past any of the following number sets into the search bar:
    12949291; 18180424; 19171612; 12880876; 17898097; 14519711; 12480426; 17508426; 18769550; 15364187; 16818529; 11581466; 15877763; 18252754; 12415036; 12860782; 19128068; 17168158; 19015994; 18172138; 18482737; 18180423

  • Dionisio

    USA lives now in Idiocracy. No moon landings, no vaccines … Are you not ashamed of your fellow citizens ?

  • Sharon

    If vaccines are not a cause of autism, then how is it explained of the vast number of children who develop autism that can be directly corolated with the timing of the vaccines?

    And..are you, in reality, Dr. Offit's mother?

    He’s willing to make his thought process so transparent that you can see his logic circuits whirring in real time, as he’s trying to think about how to remain a good and respected scientist while also being a good public communicator who Changes Minds and Saves Lives, and without becoming what he never wanted to be, which is a salesman, or a bullshitter.

    Offit grew up with bullshitters, see. He grew up in Baltimore, the son of a tough Jew who made and sold men’s shirts for a living, and Offit remembers going to his father’s sales meetings. They were full of these amazing characters who lived by their wits and filled the air with their chaotic jokes and tales — “I mean, I loved them, they made you want to be around them, because they were such great storytel

  • Deborah

    This is for anyone that believes the FDA, or any government entity, is capable of looking out for our best interests,


  • Mary

    the man in the picture looks evil his eyes are scary, you can tell he not a good person. I would never give my kids shots but i try not to talk to people about what they do with their kids. we have to all respect how each parents want to raise their kids, thats why we have are own so we can do what we think is best.

  • QuoVadisAnima

    Funny how you guys like to portray this as a battle between an all-wise altruistic doctor (who just accidentally made millions while helping decide the vax schedule) & a Hollywood bimbette. The reality is far from so, but that doesn't fit the agenda, does it? This article was so blatantly biased (& unbelievably crude – whatever happened to journalistic standards?)

  • QuoVadisAnima

    Many of us do NOT believe that vaccines "cause" autism. Vaccines can be a tipping point for a child whose system is vulnerable (i.e. Hannah Poling's court case). We resent Offitt & his cohorts treating our children as collateral damage & dismissable statistics rather than collaborating to find out WHICH children are vulnerable.

    Parents should not be demonized because they are FORCED to choose between risking their child's ability to function as a human being & have a meaningful life VS the possibility that they might get measles & they might be among the very small percentage who die from it. (And it's actually being suggested that we are supposed to risk our child's life to theoretically lessen, but factually can never eliminate, the risk to other people's children? Seriously – talk about child abuse)

  • Not

    It's so obvious the author is not writing an unbiased piece here. Read about (you know, research) all the ingredients of all the vaccines and if you are still comfortable injecting those toxins into your child then good for you. I reserve the right to choose….um, this is still a country based on liberty and freedom of choice right or has that gone away along with ethics (something which Offit knows nothing about).

  • sigrid

    Is there any (statistical) research comparing autism rates in the US for children that were never vaccinated with children that were vaccinated according to present day standards?

  • sigrid

    For Immediate Release: Vaccinated Children Two and a Half Times More Likely to Have Neurological Disorders Like ADHD and Autism, New Survey in California and Oregon Finds.

    PORTLAND, OR, Sep 25 — A new survey indicates a strong correlation between rates of neurological disorders, such as ADHD and autism, and childhood vaccinations.

    The survey, commissioned by Generation Rescue, compared vaccinated and unvaccinated children in nine counties in Oregon and California. Among more than 9,000 boys age 4-17, the survey found vaccinated boys were two and a half times (155%) more likely to have neurological disorders compared to their unvaccinated peers. Vaccinated boys were 224% more likely to have Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), and 61% more likely to have autism.

  • Leonard

    Read http://www.FLUscam.com. This article, classic PROPAGANDA, employs "Thesis-Antithesis-Synthesis: The Hegelian Dialectic" to sell genocide. Offit's sole detractor here is Barbara Loe Fisher, another vaccine industry media supported shill who kindly calls Offit "elitist" rather than a genocidalist "piece of shit."

  • Lee

    Unvaccinated people are exposed to mercury from teeth fillings as well as other environmental sources including broken mercury vapor light bulbs.
    Autism is more prevalent in males because mercury binds to testosterone.
    MS (Multiple Sclerosis) is primarily a female disease associated with mercury.
    Some people are not able to chelate or detoxify mercury as well as others. These are the people most at risk.

  • Leslie

    I don't understand why this guy is given any credibility at all given his huge personal profit from vaccines. When politicians profit from their public service we call it "conflict of interest" at the very least, and corruption at its worst.
    I'm not saying that vaccines do or do not cause autism or other diseases, just that this guy's motives have to be called into question.

  • Shawna

    It’s funny you describe Jenny McCarthy as “the plasticine actress and former playboy bunny” like she’s a piece of garbage and that an “actress” has NO sense at all to make an informed decision BUT you say earlier in your disgusting article that Amanda Peet was “recruited” by Offit to help spread the word. Isn’t she too an “actress”?? Do you have a double standard? Why wasn’t she described as the “sleazy actress from a ton of CRAPPY movies?”
    You then go on to say that Jenny put her son on a diet she MADE UP. Have you done NO research for this article at all or are you jst a very stupid person with a very small brain?? She did not “make up” a diet, she followed a team of very talented, caring, compassionate and educated doctors advice on how to HELP her soon. Get your facts straight before you write such GARBAGE!!

  • Mona

    Many servicemen in the UK are currently ill after receiving a large number of vaccinations in one shot prior to going out to Iraq. Immune system overload has been suspected. All the more reason to be wary of doing this to small children and babies. More needles? yes but safer? possibly….and gives the same degree of protection, whilst reducing the likelihood of risk to the immune system. Why is this seen as unacceptable?

  • abb

    I agree, it is unfortunate that Dr. Offit has a conflict of interest. Unfortunately, almost all the research done thus far trying to link vaccines to autism is funded by doctors who have a SUBSTANTIAL financial interest in treatments for autism. For example the two brothers who are physicians Dr. Mark and David Geier and Dr. Paul King (who is not even an MD). They are making oodles of money selling this idea that vaccines cause autism.

  • Allyssa

    There is no scientific proof that vaccines hurt babies. People just believe everything you read and hear. When your kids grow up and get sick, it will be your fault!!! Stop being DUMB and get your kids vaccinated!

  • Martin

    Offit should say all of that — and stop.

    But of course, he doesn’t stop. Because if he stops, he loses. And if he loses, kids die.
    Maybe yours.
    Fear mongering much? As if non-vaccinated kids are dropping like flies.

  • DrProffet