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  • Angry Birds

    Brown could turn out to be a diamond in the ruff. Chris Polk also.

  • http://twitter.com/DGarrington Dave Garrington

    Very excited to see what Brown brings. He’s raw and needs to learn to pass blovk, but he could be a helluva pick.

  • http://twitter.com/SJJJoe @South Jersey Java

    It is a non sequitur to say that Dion Lewis failed to distinguish himself in an article that quotes the coach as saying that he ran McCoy too much. Lewis did well when given the opportunity. He never had the opportunity to get into any “flow” of the game. Perhaps, Brown would standout more because he seems to be a different kind of back than McCoy. He looks like a power back with extraordinary speed.

  • borntosuffer

    Yea – Dion, get your act together.


    As a Vols fan I saw him easily conned by that weasel Kiffin in to coming to UT…then he quit on the Vols…went to KSU and quit on them as well…not sure I see the attraction or what makes anybody think he’s changed. And his comments not wanting to discuss why he quit on two teams in college is not a good start.
    Kids mess up or make bad decisions all the time…the ones that have learned from them admit errors and move on…not bury them. He’s got a lot to prove in my mind and I’d not be surprised at all if he walks away before camp breaks.
    I have much more faith in Polk who stuck to his commitment and played very well on some bad Washington teams.