Philadelphia Fall Arts Preview 2013

In no particular order, the 25 can’t-miss arts events this fall season.

Geoff Sobelle performs his one-man Object Lesson for the FringeArts Festival in Philadelphia magazine.


9/5-9/22 | Various locations
The Philadelphia Live Arts Festival & Philly Fringe may have a new name (thank God), but the mission is still the same: presenting the most daring stage talent from around the world. Case in point: Pig Iron alum Geoff Sobelle (pictured, previous page), whose world-premiere absurdist theater work, The Object Lesson (Christ Church Neighborhood House, September 12th to 21st), examines the meaning of and the relationship we have with all of our stuff.

The Philadelphia Film Festival

10/17-10/27 | Various locations
Calling all movie geeks!

Hall & Oates

10/4 | Borgata
They remain two of pop’s most underrated songwriters and we’re proud to call them our own.

Fiona Apple

10/19 | Merriam Theater
People who say, “All music sounds the same these days” need to listen to Fiona Apple. Pull up the video for “Hot Knife” to see what I mean. With Blake Mills;


11/2-11/7 | FringeArts
This co-production of Opera Philadelphia and Nick Stuccio’s FringeArts organization is an opera that tells the story of a Serbian bride the night before her wedding in 1968. The show culminates in a festive reception that the audience takes part in, complete with live Balkan dance music from the West Philadelphia Orchestra. Think Tony n’ Tina’s Wedding but, you know, actually good.

Dr. J

11/14 | Central Library
When you talk about the glory days of basketball—in Philadelphia or anywhere else—Dr. J must be part of the conversation. The Sixers legend, who led the team to victory in the 1983 NBA Championship against Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and the L.A. Lakers, has written an autobiography. In fact, it’s called Dr. J: The Autobiography, and he’s coming to the Library to tell you all about it.

“LÉger: Modern Art and the Metropolis”

10/14-1/5 | Philadelphia Museum of Art
For its main event of the fall season, the Philadelphia Museum of Art has created an interdisciplinary exhibit that focuses on French painter, sculptor and filmmaker Fernand Léger, who was one of the first artists to depict modern cities. The exhibit starts with Léger’s 1919 oil-on-canvas work The City and expands to the other works and artists (from Gerald Murphy to Man Ray) it went on to inspire.

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  • Jerry from Flawda

    Is Mcnabb is right, that is just unacceptable. Either dump Vick, Renolyds, or both. There is NO excuse for being unprepared in the NFL. They should know the protection calls/what defenses that are seeing, cold before each week. What a disgrace. This is what we as fans are spending our money and time on? This product? Ugh.

    • Septhinox

      This is true. They have no excuse for not being prepared. However, the blame isn’t equal. One is the $100m QB, while the other is a low man on the roster. They do both need to pick it up.

      • 85

        Once the ball is kicked, it doesn’t matter who’s making what. The low man is having a lot to do with why the $100 million dollar guy isn’t playing so well. The blame probably shifts from bad play to bad play, they just can’t continue this way.

        • Septhinox

          Doesn’t work like that. There is a reason certain position and players make more than others.

  • Shocking that McNabb points the finger at everyone but the QB. I’m sure it was the offensive lines fault in Arizona when you missed the Kevin Curtis throw…or overthrew Westbrook. I’m sure it was the receivers fault when Ronde Barber caught that pass between the numbers and ran it back for a TD.

    Hey jackasss, if you don’t like all the attention that comes with playing QB, play another position!

    • morgan c

      I mean, Donovan is kinda right though. You can like him or dislike him, fault his positions with the media or his attitude, but the dude has a point. He played with asinine MM calling the plays and if you recall during that stretch, they ran the ball like 8% of the time. And by the way, Kevin Curtis dropped that ball. The throw was good enough and you know it. Sure he missed some of the others.

      At the end of the day though, McNabb led us to 5 NFC championship games. Just think about that for a second. I would give my leg to have that sort of consistency from the QB position – best TD/INT ratio in NFL when he played.

      • Yeah it always baffles me how Eagles fan just hate McNabb so much when he has done so much for this city and still supports this city even though he knows there are a lot of people who don’t support him. No Eagles QB has done as much for this team as McNabb has and just because he’s not the kind of QB personality wise that Philly “likes”, we cast him away despite the accolades.

      • I don’t like him because he’s the epitome of a choker. The guy threw up in the biggest moment of his life. Seriously? He wasn’t responsible for much of that success. I think it’s painfully obvious Reid/McNabb won because of Jim Johnson, Harbuagh…and the amount of talent on that defense from Ray Rhodes.

        • brlynn

          Not true…McNabb carried the offense early in his career with no weapons and thrived when they got him some help…and with all due respect to JJ, the Pats made our D look silly in Jacksonville

        • poetx99

          that choking is bullshit. yeah, donovan and andy were a matched set. but donovan’s long gone and we still see the bullshit with the inability to manage the playclock, etc. eagles no-huddle, as sheil pointed out a few articles ago, is not so much to instill fear or confusion into the defense as it is to keep them from burning time outs. that’s pretty damn drastic.

          andy and marty (and chilly) gave #5 effed up game plans for YEARS, leaving him battered behind the LoS, calling dumbass play action passes in the 2 min drill, or on 3rd and long (andyball specials, look for them), and he’s getting drilled. and then the backup comes in for a game or 3 and all the sudden they discover this magical thing called a running game and the team looks balanced and competitive. and then donovan comes back and its like, ‘lets air it out 60 times this week just to show everybody andyball is BACK!’ and he puts up a bunch of gaudy high yardage games, but pays a physical toll. and the team goes to the playoffs and/or nfccg, and andy gets outcoached. wash, rinse, repeat.

        • Eagles_Fan_in_San_Fran

          Matt, there’s this thing called “stats” – look them up, especially 2004, the one year that Reid provided #5 with more than just marginal WRs.

        • The guy threw up in a football game, the only difference is that the cameras caught it. Throwing up is COMMON in football, the only people that exaggerate it with McNabb are people looking for something to fault, which is Ironic because you’re calling him out on that, and/or people that have never played football a day in their life.

      • xlGmanlx

        Rubbish, the dude just flat out missed throws and didn’t have the mental capacity or innate leadership to be a championship QB. And he was embraced by the MAJORITY of the fan base, but he always played the victim and was very passive aggressive about everything.

        • Eagles_Fan_in_San_Fran

          Missed throws or just refused to throw INTs?
          (Here’s a hint: #5 had the lowest INT rate of any QB out there.)

          • xlGmanlx

            Probably because he never had a completion percentage about 60%, EVER. He refused to work on his mechanics and decided to go against what made him top tier, was being a dual threat QB. He was a mediocre pocket passer and couldn’t read a defense to save his life.

    • Kimbafuzz

      The defense failed in that AZ game. As bad as the offense was early on, they came back and gave the Eagles the lead late.The defense collapsed down the stretch – made sadder cause that was JJ’s last game.

    • So many Problems with Matt Jacobs post but I’ll address the Kevin Curtis “Miss”. That pass was about as on point as a pass could be, Kevin Curtis didn’t make a great catch/was hit in the back of his knees by a corner that tripped his own self up, usually ending in what is called Pass Interference.

      That time it wasn’t.

  • Andy

    Bring back McNabb!

    Just kidding.

    We did see Mick Vick play pissed off on a Monday night in 2010 right after the Redskins gave McNabb a huge contract extension. Unfortunately I don’t think the answer is that simple in this case.

  • saunhi

    Vick seems compelled to try and make plays out of the chaos caused by unblocked rushers and bad play calls considering this injured O-line. The O-line and Offense are like motor and transmission- they both must work. Fix the O-line and add depth or your QB will be wrecked, one then the other.

  • djack10

    Does Aikman ever chime in on the cowboys like this? Sometimes it’s better to show some self-restraint. McNabb takes the same unlikable pills as Banner. He was a great player, but his comments were and are the problem with him.

    • Meh

      Actually, Aikman does share his opinions on the Cowbizzles once and awhile. Not too long ago I read an article (not sure where at) where Aikman was saying the Cowboys have terrible home-field advantage and a lousy stadium fanbase.

      I think McNabb is mostly right with what he’s saying. Can’t blame the guy for still being a little miffed with the Eagles.

  • KD

    It took McNabb to play pissed off to play the position correctly? After that he went 9tds and 1int. If I was him I would have kept that to myself. That’s the big difference between him and Dawkins. Dawkins always played pissed off.