Suzanne Roberts Celebrated Her 90th Birthday With Lady Gaga


How does one person (not named Scorsese­) win a multitude of lifetime achievement awards? First, it helps if you live to be 90. But you should also try to snag a couple Emmys, support the arts (bonus if you get a major theater on the Avenue of the Arts named for you), marry a founder of Comcast and parent its CEO, do psychotherapy work with emotionally­ disturbed Navajo kids, and grandmother eight children. At least, that’s what Suzanne Roberts has done. For starters.

My full name is … Suzanne Fleisher Roberts.
I am a … 90-year-old voluptuous blonde.
I was born in … Philadelphia, in a house that was later turned into a brothel. (It eventually closed down.)
I’ve lived in Philadelphia for … longer than you’ve been alive.
The thing I like most about myself is … that I try to be honest, friendly and helpful.
One thing I would change about myself is … being very self-critical.
If I’m only having one cocktail, it’s going to be … a Shirley Temple.
The last movie I saw in the theater … was The Descendants, with George Clooney, at the Ritz. I go there all the time.
My best advice to young women is … Do what you think you will love, with passion. If it’s something that’s helpful to others, it will bring you joy, too.
The best year of my life thus far … was the summer my family volunteered together at a Navajo reservation.
If I owned a racehorse, I’d name it … Xfinity. What’s faster?
My heroes are … Franklin Roosevelt and my father.
For my 90th birthday, I … joined my family in seeing Lady Gaga on Saturday Night Live. Enough said!
The project I’m most proud of is … having dreamed up the TV program Seeking Solutions with Suzanne.
My children … have different interests and pursuits, yet they have much respect and joy in their relationships with one another.
My parents … were very giving people. My father devoted himself to prison reform; my mother received the Philadelphia Bowl for having collected so much for the United Fund.
The best thing I own is … a good bra. That’s something every woman can appreciate.
The last time I was mistaken for another famous person, it was … Angelina Jolie. We’re practically twins.
The best book I ever read was … anything by Robert Frost, although we do have innumerable talented writers in the family.
The best thing on TV is … Frontline and Bill Moyers.
My greatest achievement … is being happily married for more than 69 years to an exceptional man, and being the mother of five wonderful children.
For Valentine’s Day … I will celebrate my life with my husband, as I do every day. At our age, every day together is a celebration.
For the recent holidays … I wanted to go to the Caribbean, but they wouldn’t let us bring our dog, so we chose Florida instead.
My fondest memory as an actress … was being onstage as Kate in The Taming of the Shrew. The gentleman who played opposite me played it as passionately as you were allowed in those days.
People are always telling me I need to stop … doing so much. It’s when I slow down they should worry.