A Philadelphian’s Guide to Learning … Anything

A class for every skill

In an Hour or Less

Shoot a gun
Because it’s empowering. Because it’s fun. Because you read Cormac McCarthy’s The Road. Whatever your reason, Philadelphia Archery and Gun Club’s NRA-certified instructors will walk you through safety rules; help you with your stance, grip and trigger pull; and finish up with a round or two at the club’s indoor shooting range.
THE TIME: Most beginner lessons take about an hour, but your teacher­ will stick with it until you can shoot.
THE TAB: $65 for one private lesson.

Read tarot
Reading tarot is a bit like being an accountant: You need to know how to deal with anxious people, possess a strong eye for detail, and be able to bullshit your way out when the news is bad. Read the rest of Michael Callahan’s essay about learning to read tarot here. 

Have more time to spare? See what you can learn to do in just a few hours.