The $50,000 Kiddie Birthday Party

Limos. Petting zoos. Did we mention spa treatments? When it comes to their kids’ birthdays, status-seeking Philly parents now say it’s their party, and they’ll spend what they want to.

Yes. Keeping up is hard.

Even Tiffany Gabbay was worried that Brielle’s birthday carnival wouldn’t blow it out of the box. Until she found it — the perfect surprise to make this “the best birthday.”

“People will be, like, ‘Wow. That really is different,’” she says.

So she went for it. She hired an oil painter who would come, take photos of the party as it was happening, tack those photos to his easel, and then paint a tableau. Right there. In front of all 160 guests. Live. 

“I want things to be different,” Gabbay says. “I don’t want the typical birthday.”