Schoolgirl Crush

He was a popular teacher at Council Rock South — renowned for his dedication to his students. She was a high-school senior — pretty, smart, and going places. At a time when the divide between child and adult is harder and harder to find, was their next step nearly inevitable?

Council Rock superintendent Mark Klein declines to discuss the district’s knowledge of Hawkins’s curriculum vitae.

More recently, Hawkins had dated at least two girls soon after their senior years at CR. One, who graduated in 2007, he was seeing right along with Jane, who didn’t know about her. Some teachers did. A friend of Hawkins’s, Donna Pianoforte — the district’s head of math — took her to dinner, this girl told police, and advised her to cut things off with Hawkins. (Pianoforte declined to be interviewed for this article.)

Hawkins also went out with an ’04 CRS graduate a few times; he took an ’07 grad to lunch, and to a Phillies game. His buddy, computer science teacher Paul Pasko — who resigned from Council Rock in June over his knowledge of the affair with Jane — told police that Hawkins was always in love with or attracted to some student.

Renee Devlin, a science teacher at Council Rock, supplied certain details to police: that during a teachers union meeting in ’08, Hawkins had a yearbook and was noting female students he would “be with.” That he would often say things about female students and the way they were dressed. That between homeroom and first period last year, Hawkins stood outside room 275, Jane’s homeroom. Devlin was head of the yearbook committee in 2008. Jane Kenton was on the committee, which met during ninth period, at the end of the day. Robert Hawkins had a free ninth period, so he’d come down to see Jane and often take her out of yearbook to tutor her in math.

Math teacher Rosalie Falchek, who as successor to Devlin as head of yearbook also watched Hawkins and Jane often leave her class together, told a detective that “every year he seemed to target certain girls.” That he would chase after girls, and tell them they were dressed inappropriately. Falchek said it was obvious that Jane worshiped him. And that she wore tops that exposed part of her breasts. 

Superintendent Klein also declines to comment on whether, in a more ideal world, these suspicions about a teacher on the prowl and a new girl he’s prowling might have been shared with his administration. Pianoforte, Devlin and Falchek all still teach at Council Rock. (Devlin and Falchek didn’t return calls for comment.) So does Lisa DeFeo, whom Hawkins called, Paul Pasko told police, to ask if she would remove the hookah and dildo from his townhouse. She reportedly agreed to take the hookah, but not the dildo. (DeFeo and Pasko also did not respond to requests for comment.)

Robert Hawkins took Barbara Cavanaugh to the Princeton math seminars on Saturdays. He pointed out Jane, and told Cavanaugh, “That is the girl that loves me.”