Perelmans at War

Most families squabble, but few do it quite like Philadelphia’s Perelmans. In a legal clash that includes allegations of stealing and duplicity, son Jeffrey is pitted against his tycoon father Raymond and his starlet-marrying, headline-grabbing brother Ron. One thing’s for sure: Thanksgiving at the Perelman house will never be the same

“When something like this happens to your friends, you hope that the wonderful, caring people you see, you laugh with, you tease, are the ones that others can see and appreciate as well,” says Anne Gordon, part of the Jeffrey and Marsha camp. “You hope that people can see past the headlines to the real people, the ones who love their families, struggle with their families, love them again, and get frustrated with them all over again. And when the time finally comes to say ‘Enough!’ to that same family, that we can all watch and say, ‘I think I understand.’”