Philadelphia Magazine’s Fitness Challenge 2010: Jessica Aiken

A 24-year-old newly single professional who has three months to fit into her bridesmaid dress. “I’m a bridesmaid in two weddings that are quickly approaching, and I’m hoping to be rocking the form-fitting dress.”

I didn’t do well with my diet schedule today again – this adjustment is very frustrating. I took the spin class today but didn’t feel like I pushed myself as much as I could – I feel like I wasted my own time.

My fears have come true – I’m going to bed and waking up at all different hours. My eating habits are totally off track but I’m still doing well with my workouts. Today in the gym I did my strength circuits and core exercises.  Each week my workouts slowly seem to be getting a little more difficult. It could be as simple as adding a medicine ball into one of the exercises, but it definitely makes a difference.

Did some brutal work on the treadmill today…my FAVORITE (ugh)! I felt good about it though because I definitely stepped it up and took it to the next level. It amazes me that I can run 3 miles of high intensity intervals in 30 minutes and burn over 400 calories. Although I hate the treadmill, I always feel really accomplished after the workout.

Went to the gym and did a workout that Meg had mapped out for me. It’s a similar routine to what she has me do in our session but it’s a lot more difficult to do on your own. There’s no doubt that even though I feel more comfortable working out and feel stronger this is all still a struggle. You have to take yourself there though in order to see results.

Today was my rest day so I made sure to get a good stretch in. I am realizing that I really need to start this week strong and get my diet under control.

Monday, February 22nd – 28th

I am making it my priority to get back on my diet and a normal schedule since I’ve been laid off. I work best with routines so it’s been really difficult since I haven’t been on one. I took Meg’s spin class today but still felt good even though I haven’t been on my game with my diet. Each week at spin I am able to challenge myself more and more and am starting to recognize specific areas we’re working on during the class. My derriere was working extra hard this particular class and I know I’m going to feel the pain tomorrow!