Philadelphia Magazine’s Fitness Challenge 2010: Jessica Aiken

A 24-year-old newly single professional who has three months to fit into her bridesmaid dress. “I’m a bridesmaid in two weddings that are quickly approaching, and I’m hoping to be rocking the form-fitting dress.”

I went to the gym after work today to work on strength circuits that Meg taught me. I did core exercises and in-between I would jump right into different kinds of high intensity movements (like jumping rope). I also did some treadmill intervals where I would do work with the resistance bands in-between. I was feeling completely spent by the end of the work out. I made it through though.

I got to the gym by 5am today (btw – I am not a morning person but I’m getting somewhat used to this). I mostly just did work on the treadmill (ugh the treadmill) and worked with the resistance bands in-between sets again. Tonight I’m going out for sushi for some friends’ birthdays so I’m going to have to try and monitor my intake (I usually inhale sushi).

Today was my day off from the gym and I’ll have to admit it was a day off from my diet also. I had a few more glasses of wine than I had planned.

To be honest, after not working out and drinking a bit too much yesterday it made me feel like a complete load today. I didn’t want to go work out (it was the first time I actually dreaded working out since I started this) but I did manage to get myself to the gym. I did the same workout I did last Sunday which was 30 minutes on the treadmill and several reps on the weight machines. The only difference was that I felt awful during the workout today. I didn’t feel like my head was in the right place and I seemed to be struggling through it. I am at least happy that I did go workout and got myself back on my diet but I am regretting my activities over the weekend.


Monday, February 8th – 14th

I took Meg’s spin class today and I felt like I was getting back on track. It worked me hard but again, I was able to really understand what I was doing and really challenge myself. I stuck to a healthy diet also. I have to be up really early tomorrow so I’m making sure to get a good night’s rest.

I had my 5:45 training session with Meg this morning. We worked on strength training intervals with mountain climbers in-between to keep up the intensity. Then she had me do treadmill intervals of speed and incline with resistance band exercises in-between. That damn treadmill always gets me! It just totally wipes me out. I almost find it comical what I used to do on the treadmill prior to this experience…basically just walk. My body was capable of much more than that and I know that now! Our workout was filmed today and I wasn’t very fond of working out with a microphone pack because A) I’m not too sure I like the fact that all my huffing and puffing was going straight into a microphone and B) I kept having to readjust it since it was going all over the place during the workout…it was driving me insane. I’m glad I won’t need to work out with that again.