Philadelphia Magazine’s Fitness Challenge 2010: Jessica Aiken

A 24-year-old newly single professional who has three months to fit into her bridesmaid dress. “I’m a bridesmaid in two weddings that are quickly approaching, and I’m hoping to be rocking the form-fitting dress.”

I had my first personal training session with Meghan today. The workout kicked my ass! We did lots of core exercises and I came across some that I liked and some that I particularly didn’t like. But of course, the ones that were not my favorite were the most effective because they worked me the hardest. It was no doubt a challenge, but once it was over I felt really good about it. We also took my measurements and weight, which we’ll check again in a week to see my progress. Meghan also gave me a lot of good information on what I should be eating – I went with her suggestions and did well for my first day of dieting.

My quads are KILLING ME from yesterday’s workout. It actually hurts to walk down stairs but it’s a good pain, in a way – my body needs this wake up call! My work out today was a Spin Class with another instructor Michele. About 10 minutes into it I thought there was no way I would make it through the class but I pushed through and felt great after. Michele was a great motivator. I even managed to take her abs class after – felt that pain for sure! For the most part, I stuck to a good diet today except for a piece of Texas Toast I had with dinner. I regretted eating it after because of all the hard work I had put into my classes today. I’m really not used to dieting; I’ve never been on one in my life so it’s going to be a difficult adjustment.

My quads are STILL killing me and I’m STILL hurtin’ when I walk down stairs. I’m pretty tired today and was both nervous and excited again for my personal training session with Meghan. She definitely pushes me to my limit but she gives me great motivation throughout the workout. We did a running exercise where I had to kick my knees into my chest as fast as I could and after a while it got really draining but I got through it once again. I did really well on my diet today also which I’m happy about.

WOW! Today I did intervals on the treadmill this morning with Meghan as well as core exercises – it was intense to say the least! There were 2 moments during the exercise where I didn’t think there was any way I could keep going but Meghan was right there with me and got me through it. It’s amazing what you can push your body to do. I definitely broke a sweat today! I’m really, really, really tired today but I think it’s more because I had a P.M. workout last night and an early 5A.M. workout this morning. I’ve done ok on my diet so far today, but I did have a slice a vegetable pizza. I’m not really sure how bad that is for you, but I’m meeting with the dietician next week so I’m sure she’ll be able to tell me. I’m going skiing this weekend and I’m excited to do a fun exercise outside of the gym.