Philadelphia Magazine’s Fitness Challenge 2010: Deidre McAllister

A soon-to-be-40 working mom who wants to drop pounds so she can keep up with her teenage daughter. “I want to keep up when walking and for her to understand the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.”

I had a great workout today early this morning. I enjoy my Saturday morning workouts the most because I get to work out with my daughter. I don’t even get too mad at Adarrel for trying to kill me (smile).  I hung out with my sisters and brothers for a little bit. I did some walking with Lark it was a nice day. My sister tried to get me to eat some fried food. It did not happen!!!  

I woke up really late this morning after 6 am. I am usually up planning my day by that time.  My mother made a huge Sunday dinner. That is one of my downfalls. I am so proud of myself. I did not eat her dinner. Although she is the best cook around I ate my planned meal…Go D Go D!!!! (Just a little pat on the back from me to me)



Monday, March 8th – 14th




Ok it’s Monday. Did I tell you that I purchased my dress for my party over the weekend? It is 3 sizes smaller I need to fit into this dress. I can not afford to buy another one. I don’t understand why these clothing manufacturing companies are putting the wrong sizes on these clothes to make me buy a bigger size but I am not. That’s right it’s their fault that I can’t fit into my dress.




Worked out Late today and walked home from 24th street. Sometimes I think that Adarrel’s trying to make me angry with him on purpose. I brought some pants today that were 2 sizes smaller and I am so happy they actually fit.





Lark and I met with Brittney today  … Brittney always gives me such good advise. I think the combination of being taught how to workout and eat is the best. She told me where I can shop on a budget.

I had to meet with Lark’s Math Coach first. So Lark had to go with me. She was fine. We got home kind of late after 8pm so I had to make a rush meal for Lark and myself. For me it was a spinach salad. For Lark it was soup and salad. These late nights are killing me. She has a test tomorrow so we both were up really late studying.  She until 10.  You don’t want to know what time I finally got to bed.    



I woke up and had nothing to wear this morning frustrating but good. Lark yelling saying “MOM, hurry up, we have 5 minutes!” Wait a minute who’s the mother here. I am not happy with my outfit today but I guess I can live with it since I know why.



Ok. I received an email from Jenna saying that our last day for the contest is on the 19th. I don’t know why I thought that we had another week. Now I am stressing because my trainer is not going to be here for 10 days. What am I going to do?




Still stressing. But it’s OK I will work out on my own all week. Adarrel has taught me well. So I am good. I have a lot to do this weekend. Picking out centerpieces for my tables for my birthday party. 




Tried on my dress for my party…It still does not fit. My other clothes are much too big. That dress is going to fit by next month no if’s ands or buts about it.  

Monday, March 15th – 21st




Worked out for a very long time today and liked what the scale said. But I don’t like what my birthday dress is saying.

Keep up the hard work.  The weather is causing my allergies to really act up. I can’t take my medication because it makes me drowsy.  I have to live with the sinus headache and the sneezing and coughing. 


I am feeling really pressured. Don’t feel like my workouts are doing much. What is going on here? Ok..Got into work and realized that Adarrel sent me some workouts to do on my own. While he is in MEXICO!!!! (All capital letters does that say attitude hmmmm)

I did the workouts today they were good. I still feel as though I need that push. Allergies still bad. After another day or so I know that I will be OK.    



OK!! I had to pick Lark up from her Math sessions. Run home make dinner and talk to Lark about her day. She was happy I let her watch TV in my room!! (Why do kids love their mother’s bed so much?) 

Went to the gym kind of late did not get home until almost 11:00. I had to go to the supermarket afterwards.  I am beat tired and have a lot of work to do for school.

I awakened on the computer this morning trying to do a paper. I will finish it tonight.  Work was good trying not to think about the stress of who’s going to do my final weigh in.

Holly’s going to do it. Great!!! Ok!!! Holly can’t do it because of the time. I can’t get to her at that time. My coworkers were talking about my outfit today saying how big it is. That’s a good thing.  

Ok things are worked out to my final Body Mass count. I decided that I am going to continue on with the Gym after the contest.  It’s Friday and I am doing great.  I am so happy that I was picked for the contest.

This was a wonderful experience for both my daughter and me.
I learned and I taught.  I can really appreciate myself more. It is hard work and I feel really good about myself. To see the impact of both Adarrel’s and Brittney’s hard work played such a big factor in my struggle. Many people often wonder why they eat right and still do not lose weight. It’s a combination of both. Eating right and exercising.  Adarrel has so much patience not only with me but also Lark, my daughter (teenagers are hard enough)  
At times I would get angry but Adarrel was more encouraging and never discouraging.  So my final thoughts are when Lark and I go on our vacation I will keep up. I will continue to push and work hard. In most situations there are beginnings and there are endings. With good health there is a beginning, but never will there be an ending. It is a lifetime achievement.