Philadelphia Magazine’s Fitness Challenge 2010: Deidre McAllister

A soon-to-be-40 working mom who wants to drop pounds so she can keep up with her teenage daughter. “I want to keep up when walking and for her to understand the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.”

Monday, February 15th – 21st
This morning I get a phone call at 3:00 am telling me that Lark is not feeling well. She begged to stay over a friend’s house.  I had to leave this morning to pick her up. She could not hold down water. I did not feel good about leaving her at home alone. I could not go to the gym this morning. Lark and I have been going to see Adarrel together on Saturday mornings. 

Today I realized that I am hooked on spinach sandwiches on flat bread with low fat cheese. Lark is still sick and we cannot go to our meeting.  I got off to the gym early in by 8:00 am. I went to the supermarket and got everything that I needed. I go strictly by my list now. Nothing more!!!    


Monday, February 22nd – 28th
This week I feel like oh my goodness. Only a few months before I turn 40. Although, I look good, in fact I look great!!! But I think it’s the turning-40 thing. Doing very well with my nutrition. Doing well with my exercise. I look great. I can fit into my old dresses again…

My clothes are really big but I refuse to buy any clothes until I WIN. It’s my sister’s birthday today. I went to the gym and I am not going to her house for her birthday dinner. I do not want that temptation. She had the best cake ever too from Melrose.  Lark came home and my baby is so sweet she said mom I know you don’t eat this but I brought this home for you anyway. If you want me to take it off your hands by eating it I will. (She did). I have too many brothers and sisters. Every time I turn around we are getting together for somebody’s birthday. 

After my workout yesterday I am feeling so good this morning. My knee hurts but it is OK. I hate when I have to eat fiber 1 bars in the middle of the day… Need I say any more but  “ fiber.” I had a rough day at work but oh well that’s life “more snow” I can’t take it. 

Okay, so my daughter’s school called at 6:15 to tell me the school is closed just a few more minutes and we would have been out of the house. She would have been on her way to Bryn Mawr. I am feeling bad because I cannot stay home with her.

Had a dinner date with two of my old coworkers. We went to a little restaurant. I did really well. I had a salad with vinaigrette dressing and water with lemon.  They both had their own personal size pizza and ate it right in front of me with no thought at all!!!! Thanks Lorraine and Regina!!!! I still consider you my friends…     

I had a very, very rough day at work. I did not get in until after 8. Stressful day!!!!