Joe Sestak Profile: Run, Joe, Run

He was forced out of a Navy post. A dozen of his Congressional staffers have quit. And now, Newtown Square’s Joe Sestak is defying Barack Obama and Ed Rendell in taking on Arlen Specter in the country’s most important Senate race. But is he exactly the sort of scorched-earth guy we need in Washington?

This is good politics. Sestak’s aura, all scorched-earth and speaking truth to power, is perfectly tuned to this moment of looming populist rage. The 2010 election will be a change election, and Sestak has positioned himself as the change agent, much like another obscure politician who ran, with much success, one year ago. "We’re now Obama," Rich Sestak told me at the end of a long phone call late one November evening. Then he hung up, so he could make 50 more calls for his brother before the sun set in California.     

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