Philadelphia Brunch Restaurants

55 places to eat Philly's new favorite meal

Teresa’s Next Door
We’ve made it our mission to find the perfect beer to pair with our favorite menu items here: the open-face country ham and gruyère sandwich topped with a sunny-side egg, and the chorizo-and-egg-stuffed huevos piccante. Since there are more than 20 brews on tap, it might take us a while, but we won’t give up. Promise. Brunching hours: Sunday from 11 a.m. 124 North Wayne Avenue, Wayne, 610-293-9909,

Continental Martini Bar
The cocktail list at Stephen Starr’s Old City diner/bar is filled with tough decisions: Will you get loose with the Wake & Bacon, a Bloody Mary made with bacon-infused vodka? Or do you prefer to start your Sunday with the Breakfast of Champions (right), chocolate milk spiked with peanut cream liquor, served over a bowl of Cap’n Crunch? We say try both, and soak up all the booze with whitefish salad on a bagel or a juicy burger. Brunching hours: Saturday and Sunday from 10 a.m. 138 Market Street, 215-923-6069,

Café Estelle
What Café Estelle doesn’t have: a liquor license. What Café Estelle does have: a damn good Bloody Mary. If you bring the vodka, your waitress will bring you a carafe of the house-made mix and a bowl of olives, cornichons and pickled jalapeños to garnish with as you see fit. And you already know how much we love the Best of Philly-winning food, like peach-and-cinnamon cream-cheese-stuffed French toast, and brisket hash. Brunching hours: Saturday and Sunday from 9 a.m. 444 North 4th Street, 215-925-5080,

El Vez
With its kicky house Bloody Mary, fruity mimosas and alcoholic iced coffee, El Vez is a choice stop for cocktails during daylight hours. If that kind of hair of the dog fails to save you, the Mexican breakfast dishes — like huevos rancheros and DIY scrambled-egg tacos — are rich and delicious hangover cures. Brunching hours: Sunday from 11 a.m. 121 South 13th Street, 215-928-9800,

We can’t decide which we like most about this Gayborhood spot — the boisterous vibe, or the drinks. On second thought, they just might go hand-in-hand. Order the brunch-rita (a margarita with a touch of OJ) or the Brazilian Pop, which has pomegranate liquor, mango puree and champagne. Grab a seat near the window to show off your shades, and nibble on a killer Monte Cristo, grilled romaine salad with polenta croutons, or lemon ricotta pancakes with blueberries. Brunching hours: Sunday from 11 a.m. 1229 Spruce Street, 215-790-9494,