Subcultures: Killer Sex

It was the perfect tabloid story: a former Penn Ph.D. student caught up in a violent S&M love triangle. But the really shocking part may be how much the Internet is changing our sex lives

Almost unmentioned in reports of the crime, too searing a detail to dwell on, was this: At some point in the four-hour ride, Krieg sexually assaulted Maa. Thus he attained the unattainable, fully dehumanizing — animalizing — himself at last. And just before 2 p.m., he shot himself with a 9mm bullet.

VERONICA BOUND DOES have this one guy, a regular client, whose predilection baffles even her. A handsome guy, and well-to-do.

“It’s always on-the-spot,” she said. “He doesn’t care if I have makeup on, or jeans and a t-shirt. He comes over with a six-pack of beer and just wants to talk.”

About sex?

No. “Where he was last on vacation, or what kind of cookies I’m baking for Christmas. He pays me for an hour, and we drink beer and chat.”

She shrugged with one palm held out, furrowed her brow, and exhaled a short, sharp huff through her nose, which together created the universal gesture that says: How strange is that?