Pulse: Chatter: Bistro Confidential

Maggie and Rob Wasserman saved Rouge once. Can they do it again?

TODAY’S QUESTION: WILL people still like it? Will they flutter around Rouge as they have in seasons past? To woo them, there’s a new spring menu, and a smart $16 lunch with mini burgers and petite cups of soup. Evolution, says Rob, is a necessity — but wholesale change is the enemy. “If you change yourself in this economy, or any crisis,” he says, “that means you’ve lost confidence.”
Confident that their many loyalists can keep the place going, Rob and Maggie want — and expect — more than that, including a Rouge deux, likely to debut in D.C. They have no plans to leave Philly. And for now, they remain Rittenhouse fixtures, as much as all those well-coiffed, wrinkle-proof social butterflies flitting around the Square, as much as the Square itself. You only catch glimpses of dark, pretty Maggie (who’s often at home in Queen Village with the couple’s two young boys), but Rob is omnipresent, with his salt-and-pepper hair and a friendly habit of waving to passers-by strolling past Rouge’s open windows — even if they’re en route to Parc.