Characters: Pete!

He’s the inventor of the crab fry, the (accidental) mastermind of the Chickie’s & Pete’s empire, and best friends with everyone from Ed Rendell to Jon Bon Jovi. No wonder Pete Ciarrocchi thinks life is bee-you-tee-ful.

Up in his perch, high above the guys swigging from three-foot beer towers and gals digging into plates overloaded with crustaceans, Pete scrutinizes the DJ’s iPod and makes a few changes. The Phillies haven’t started their championship campaign yet, and the Birds are down. This place needs a lift, and he’s gonna give it to ’em. KC & the Sunshine Band comes on, and as Pete grooves to the music and surveys the scene he’s created below, he smiles. It’s like Pete says: “I love my job. I love being Pete. It’s like Cher. Madonna. Pete!”