Exit Interview: John Legend

UPenn’s most soulful alum returns for two holiday concerts

My source also swears that at one point, Michael left the room, and on the way out, he dropped one of his signature “hee-hee” squeals. This is what I’ve been told. I didn’t hear it for myself, so I can’t verify that. It seemed like they were bullshitting me, but ­maybe it’s true.

Was it strange to make your Hollywood debut by having sex with Kevin Bacon’s wife in a parking lot in Loverboy? I wasn’t famous yet and didn’t have any aspirations to be an actor. My manager also managed Kevin Bacon’s band, so he said, “Do you want a quick role in this movie? You’ll be playing a rock star that Kyra’s making out with on top of a car.” I said sure.

But it was more than making out. We were simulating, um, intercourse. [laughs] Yeah.

Was it awkward, considering Kevin Bacon was the director? Or, being a Philly guy, did he say, “Hey, it’s all good, you went to Penn. Go bang my wife.” [laughs] Nah. Whenever we see each other, we just get a laugh out of it.

How surreal is it to think that not so long ago you were directing a choir in Scranton, and now you’re hanging with Michael Jackson and in gossip magazines with supermodels? You know, I don’t think of it as strange. But it’s been a fun ride. I’ve definitely progressed from those days in Scranton. Even then, I felt like this was going to happen, like it was only a matter of time. Even now, I’m always striving to go higher.

Were the supermodels always part of the plan? [laughs] No. [laughs] Uh, no. [laughs] I have fun. I go to parties, and I hang out with attractive women sometimes.

Sometimes. Right. So when you come here in July, are you planning on hitting any old haunts? I actually fly to San Diego after the show. A friend of my girlfriend is getting married the day after the Fourth, so it’s going to be busy. I’m used to it, though. It’s how I live.

And the girlfriend? She’s a model.