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Why Everyone is Geeking Out Over These High-Tech Northern Liberties Homes


With Philly pacing to become the east coast’s answer to Silicon Valley (c’mon, you know you love the Philicon Valley moniker), the value of high-tech and sustainable initiatives is more important than ever. But with all of the entrepreneurial and health-related development going on in the city, we hadn’t quite considered what that would look like for Philly residences. That’s why we were so psyched to learn about 938 New Market, a smart, eco-friendly apartment complex that opened its doors last month.  Read more »

You’ve Been Thinking About Townhomes All Wrong


It’s officially time to reconsider the townhome. First, though, a little history lesson to explain the mass misconception. Townhomes were initially defined as secondary residences of the landed gentry—a comfortable, albeit less urbane, place for them to stay while visiting from the countryside. As such, the style garnered a reputation as a less-than-ideal residence, leaving many folks to favor detached varieties. Flash-forward to today and the sentiment isn’t drastically different. The problem, however, is that the townhome is experiencing an urban renaissance.  Read more »

Yes, It’s Possible to Score Square Footage in Old City — And There’s Proof


As Old City becomes increasingly populated with shops, restaurants and a swath of other tenants, residences with generous square footage have become next to impossible to sleuth out. But never say never, or so we learned when we were recently introduced to a super-spacious, brand new 3,977-square-foot townhome at 151 North 2nd Street. Needless to say, it’s a rare find in an increasingly jam-packed ‘hood.  Read more »

SLIDESHOW: The New University City Apartment Building That’s Better Than a Hotel


If you haven’t been to University City recently, let us offer you some advice: you need to – stat. It’s pretty amazing right now (what with its free movie nights, 79,000 square feet of new retail space, and a slew of trendy restaurants popping up left and right). Long characterized as the collegiate facet of West Philadelphia, University City has evolved in recent years, giving way to a ton of development. So it’s no surprise that the bustling ‘hood would invite an ultra-chic apartment building to join its ranks.  Read more »

SLIDESHOW: Inside One of the Only Ground-Up Lofts in Philly


Every neighborhood has its gems, and, by now, we all know the loft-style condo has been a proven success in Philadelphia. The thing is: most of these lofts are converted units, and it’s exceedingly rare to find a ground-up construction. Anyone can reposition a building, but a ground-up build is bold, contemporary and true to form and function. So, when we finally come across one of these rare finds, we want to shout it from the rooftops. Today’s treasure: 1352 Lofts, located on the Avenue of the Arts.  Read more »

Alas, One More Reason to Move to Conshohocken


Photo credit: Parkview

As #8 on the top 10 suburbs in America list, there are a lot reasons to move to Conshohocken. (Our favorite reasons: yoga, craft beer, yoga at a brewery.) It’s no surprise, then, that this suburb, which has emerged as one of the most charming, accessible areas adjacent to Philadelphia, has rolled out yet another reason to convince city dwellers to move to Conshy.

Ready to find out? (Hint: it’s even better than beer and yoga.)  Read more »

SLIDESHOW: Ventnor Welcomes Light-Filled Beachfront Townhomes


The arrival of warm weather has officially signaled our summer countdown — and that means THREE, half-day Fridays, TWO, water ice, ONE, weekends spent at the beach. In years past, you might’ve chipped in with a group of friends to split a shore house, which, while fun in theory, becomes decidedly lackluster when you’re hauled up in the family room on a pullout couch. To remedy this, we’re calling out a lineup of luxury beachfront residences that, get this, you can actually own.

Believe us, it puts the cramped quarters of summers past to shame.  Read more »

SLIDESHOW: Check Out These Smart, Sustainable Homes Coming to Haverford


Over the last few years, more and more green homes have popped up on our radar. The only problem is that these residences have historically existed in city proper. It’s not totally surprising, though. With energy efficient high rises and opportunities for urban ecological features (think: green roofs and ground-up design), it’s unsurprising the city has become a boon for eco-friendly residential properties. But we have to admit, all of this city-concentrated development had us thinking: why aren’t the suburbs getting any of the environmentally conscious love?  Read more »

Ah, So This Is Why Millennials Are Moving to Northwest Philly


Image (cropped) via Manayunk_III | Flickr

For the last ten years or so, Millennials have been flocking to the northwest section of Philadelphia for neighborhood charm — food festivals, dreamy streets and cultural events. It happened slowly at first — the numbers ticking upward as St. Joe’s and Philadelphia University grads stuck around — but eventually word got out about this Philadelphia alcove and now families and Millennials alike are setting down roots to take advantage of the area’s close proximity to Center City proper.  Read more »

Where to Live if You Love Nature (Hint: It’s Still in Philly)


City living is great for a lot of things (high rises, quaint side streets and walkability are chief among them). But when it comes to finding apartments near lush trails and hiking paths, there are decidedly fewer options. And for people who like escaping Center City every once and awhile, proximity to green space is essential. The recently redesigned and revamped Alden Park offers the best of both worlds: a Philadelphia address (it’s eight miles from pretty much everywhere) along with easy access to the Wissahickon Valley Park (it’s smack in the center).  Read more »

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