Vince, Madewell and Calypso: 15 More Incredible Black Friday Sales

Where to Shop This Weekend

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Another day, another slew of Black Friday sale emails. We’ve added a whopping 15 sales to our already jam-packed list of sales and deals on Black Friday and Small Business Saturday. Go here to seem them all—there are 65 in total!—but be sure to check out our latest additions, particularly the sales at Govberg, Vince, Madewell, Peter Kate and Posh. (Spoiler alert: One of these shops is giving away a free handbag of your choice if you’re the first person to make a purchase on Friday.)

The Edit: 10 Stylish Winter Vests For Guys


Now that we’ve gotten a harsh introduction to winter (have you looked at it out there?), it’s time to talk layering. For an extra layer of warmth, opt for a down filling (check out the Canada Goose option above). For style purposes, a thinner wool or cashmere waistcoat instantly upgrades the look of a button-down. Here are 10 top picks—available locally and online—to help you welcome winter in smart sartorial fashion. (Psst: For our women’s picks, go here.)

Click here for price details and where to buy.

The Crown Beyoncé Wore In Her ‘7/11′ Video Was Made By a Philly-Born, UPenn Graduate


Crowns for all! | Image via YouTube.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve seen Beyoncé’s DIY video for her latest single ‘7/11.’ (And if you haven’t seen it, welcome back to the world! Watch it here.) Throughout most of the video Bey wore her underwear, sometimes switching into yoga pants, a variety of sweatshirts, and a necklace so huge you can see it from space (sbove). But towards the end of the video, she rocked a crazy futuristic crown. Huffington Post reported that it was created by Laura Wass, the Brooklyn-based designer behind WXYZ Jewelry.

And guess what? Laura was raised in Penn Valley, went to Friends Central  and was a student at Penn. (Just like Stuart Weitzman.)

See the designer here.

Market Report: How to Avoid Looking Bulky in Winter Outerwear

9 Reasons to Start Using Coal in Your Beauty Routine

  • Avoid looking bulky in winter’s toastiest outerwear essentials with these unexpected slenderizing tips (like creating the illusion of longer legs to balance a statement coat). [The Zoe Report]
  • Lady Gaga wore an inflatable 3-D urchin costume to a club in Parisand we weren’t even in surprised. [G Philly]
  • Here’s a behind the scenes look at what a perfumer’s lab really looks like. Answer: less mad scientist-y than we expected. []

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Why I Stopped Wearing Bras and Embraced the Boob Turban


My mortal enemies. | Shutterstock.

Several months ago, I gave up on bras. Real bras, with cups and underwires and fancy lace and skinny straps. I gave them up to preserve my sanity, really: I couldn’t take one more day of feeling my bra straps snake down my arms. No matter how well-fitted my bra was, or how tightly I adjusted the straps, I couldn’t make it out my front door without the straps making a run for my elbows.

So I figured I’d avoid the strap-thing entirely, and I accepted the bandeau as my fate. For those unfamiliar with the bandeau, it is basically a boob turban. Here is a picture.

Long live the boob turban.

Who Knew? Shoe Guru Stuart Weitzman Went To Penn


First Penn, then shoes, then Gisele wearing your shoes. | Image via Stuart Weitzman.

Yesterday, the Daily Pennsylvanian, UPenn’s student newspaper, ran a piece about Stuart Weitzman, the shoe guru who turned a family shoe company into a $300 million business. The story mentioned things many fashion-savvy people know—Beyoncé wears his shoes on stage, Kate Middleton wears his wedges every other day. But there was one fact that stood out: Stuart Weitzman went to Penn?!

How did we not know this?

How To Get a Job At One Of Philly’s Coolest Boutiques—Now!


Here’s a secret for the truly fashion-obsessed: In order to get the best deals at your favorite boutique, snag a job there. Even part-timers usually get to reap the employee-discount rewards. So, here’s your job tip of the day: The Geisha House in Old City is searching for part-time sales associates, and they’re having open interviews today from 12pm to 4pm.

Be sure to bring your resume, and leave the fancy pantsuit at home. The vibe here is trendy, girly, with a dash of boho and just enough edginess (think: Cameo).  This isn’t a seasonal gig—the shop is looking for a permanent part-time employee who can commit to 15 to 20 hours a week. During the holidays you can expect more hours, good news for those looking to rake in more money.

So about that discount.

Market Report: 30 Gifts You Should Never, Ever Give


  • Pre-holiday-shopping PSA: Stay away from these 30 horrible gifts at all costs, especially the smoking mittens. WTF. [Refinery29]
  • Drexel students have just launched a Kickstarted campaign to create a new line of eco-friendly yogawear that’s made out of, get this, plastic bottles. And, guys, the pants are really, really cool-looking. [Be Well Philly]

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Kickstarter We Love: Graffiti Lamps, the Splashy Alternative to Boring Lights


Light it up!

The latest Kickstarter campaign I’m digging is by a guy called Seth Manlove. (Yes, real name.) His lamps are completely handmade in his Lancaster County workshop and they’re a breath of fresh air in a home decor category that can take itself very seriously. (See: this. And this.)

While grand crystal concoctions have a place—Versailles—spunkier versions like Manlove’s feel cooler, fresher, a bit like your artwork jumped off the wall and splashed itself onto the nearest object. But it’s not all could-be-garish tagging—some of the designs are more polished than you’d expect.

Click here to see them all.

Monday Obsession: The Coolest Thanksgiving Table Ever


Your butt, here. | Photo via Minam.

Some of the coolest people I know have these dining tables in their homes. (Exhibit A: Tracey and Rod Berkowitz, owners of Zinc Home in Lambertvile, who live here.) This particular table might look vintage, but it’s actually made by the talented craftspeople behind Lostine, a wholesale home furnishings company founded by Robert True Ogden.

Read more.

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