• Andy

    So we already have a quarterback controversy in Philadelphia???

  • http://twitter.com/ScottJ610 Scott J

    The fact that fans are excited about a 3rd round, 3rd string rookie QB just shows how much confidence we have in Vick and Kafka.

  • JTR

    Is it crazy to think that they need to cut Kafka and keep on Foles and Edwards as backups? Granted, Edwards was up against the Steelers scrubs, but he looked so much better than Kafka and has more experience starting in this league…if it’s crazy, well, call me crazy.

    Of course things can change, it is only one preseason game after all, but I have a feeling we’ve seen as much as Kafka can give us…

  • Andrew in LA

    Tim, thanks for the shout out my man.
    Love the new blog. Keep up the awesome work.