Interview: When Women Lead Newsrooms

Diana Lind, editor-in-chief at Photo by Inna Spivakova.

Diana Lind, editor-in-chief at Photo by Inna Spivakova.

It’s not easy to find a woman leading a newsroom. Yes, women do ascend to the top spots of newspapers and magazines — but sometimes, as in the case of the New York Times’Jill Abramson, they leave the position just as quickly as they ascended. In fact, there are fewer women leading major newsrooms now there were a decade ago.

One person who has noted the trends — and bucked them — is Diana Lind, editor-in-chief of Philadelphia-based, a website devoted to urban issues around the world. She doesn’t just lead the staff — she shares the masthead with four other women in the website’s top spots.

The result? An online publication that covers the nitty gritty of economics and urban transportation, but also features stories about the political roles that mayoral first ladies play, and an upcoming piece about transgender cops.

Lind spoke to Philly Mag recently about women in the newsroom. Some excerpts from that conversation:

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(Update) Alleged Hate Attack Group Members Reportedly Claiming Self-Defense

See below for update….

[Original] Multiple sources have tipped us off that the still-unidentified alleged assailants in last week’s attack at 16th and Chancellor streets are claiming self-defense. Caryn Kunkle, a source close to the victims who originally publicized the story, shared the following message on her Instagram feed:

Hate Crime update: the group of 15 genius kids who attacked two unarmed and non-PDA gay men on their way out for pizza on Sept. 11th at 10:45pm in the Rittenhouse area of Philadelphia are claiming “SELF DEFENSE.” Probably because the insanity defense was clearly unavailable….. Since when does collectively pounding someone’s face into the concrete while audibly and repeatedly shouting “dirty faggot” qualify 

I reached out to her to ask how the victims were taking this development, and she told me that “the District Attorney prepared the boys for that. It would be pretty much the only attempt at an excuse they could possibly try. However, it was very clear that the group asked if they were dating before the assault began, and they verbally assaulted them before and during the time they were beating them. I don’t think self defense will stick for long. Every witness refutes their claim.”

We reached out to the District Attorney’s Office and Philadelphia Police Department, but neither would verify Kunkle’s claim.

[Update 7:29 p.m.] NBC10 reports that Archbishop Wood Catholic High School has released a statement concerning reports former students were involved in the incident.

Earlier today, Archbishop Wood High School became aware that some of its former students were allegedly involved in the assault of two men in Center City last week. This afternoon, administrators communicated with the entire Archbishop Wood school community to make it emphatically clear that the school does not, under any circumstances, tolerate or condone the violent and hateful behavior displayed by those who took part in this senseless attack.

Administration also stressed that Catholic schools are centers of learning where students are expected to treat each other in a Christ-like manner at all times and that everyone deserves to be treated with respect and dignity. The actions of those who took part in the attack are reprehensible and entirely unacceptable. They are not an accurate reflection of our Catholic values or of Archbishop Wood High School.

Philly Bride Has a New Location in Old City!

Philly Bride's new location houses a massive selection of gorgeous gowns.

Philly Bride’s new location houses a massive selection of gorgeous gowns.

Attention all brides-to-be still in search of the Dress for their Big Day:

We told you earlier this year that local bridal boutique, Philly Bride (previously Bridals by Danielle, which new owner Lynn Handel purchased in May from retiring longtime owner Danielle Adrian), had plans to move from Midtown Village to a new home at 3rd and Walnut in Old City. And now we’re thrilled to report that the gorgeous location is up and running!

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Want To Win Free VIP Tickets To The Brauhaus Oktoberfest?

BrauhausOktoberfest1Of course you do. Because while even a normal ticket to this Saturday’s huge party being thrown by the Brauhaus crew is awesome, a VIP ticket is truly something special. And since they’ve been sold out since mid-August, there’s no way to get your hands on a pair except to play our little game.

Why is it worth it, you ask? Because here’s what a VIP ticket gets you:

· Exclusive Access- VIP Pass in and Out of the VIP Brauer Bund with Special VIP Draft List

· Full wait staff and bar staff, with 5 PRIVATE bathrooms (no waiting in line for porta-potties)

· Complimentary Bavarian Buffet Courtesy of Chef Jeremy Nolen (Served 1-6PM)

· 6 Tickets Good for Beer from the VIP list or outside stands

· Official Brauhaus Schmitz Oktoberfest T-shirt

· 1 Liter Glass Beer Stein filled with Oktoberfest survival supplies

So yes. VIP tickets? A very cool thing to have. And as we did last year, we’re deciding on who gets this last remaining pair by way of a poetry contest. Or, more accurately, a sonnet contest. And only the very best one will win.

Of course, there are a few rules…

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Refinery 29 Is Coming to King of Prussia Mall This Saturday

Take the guesswork out of shopping.

Take the guesswork out of shopping.

Grab those calendars; Refinery 29 is coming to King of Prussia Mall and we are majorly excited. Pop over to the Nordstrom Court this Saturday, September 20 for a mashup of the lifestyle site and Simon, King of Prussia’s father company, for a day of shopping, beauty, and style. Basically, you’ll leave with a personal fall fashion game plan—and it doesn’t get much better than that.

Click here for the scoop.

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