Eagles Wake-Up Call: Can Tempo Slow Cardinals Blitz?

NFL: Preseason-Philadelphia Eagles at New England Patriots

On most weeks, the Eagles feel like they have a weapon to combat their opponents’ blitzes: tempo.

The pace the Birds use on offense can deter opposing coordinators from trying to get to their more complex schemes. According to Chip Kelly, that was one of the reasons the Eagles faced so much man coverage in 2013.

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Can Conservatives and Liberals Be Friends?


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For nearly seven years now, Ben Boychuk and I have jousted weekly on the pages of many newspapers across the country. We co-write a syndicated political column — I’m the liberal, he’s the conservative, and every week we debate the issue du jour. Ben hates Obamacare, isn’t a fan of gay marriage, has very little nice to say about teachers’ unions, thinks rich people spending money like crazy to influence elections is a great expression of First Amendment values. I think he’s wrong about nearly everything, he thinks the same thing about me, and sometimes the never-ending disagreement can be pretty damned irritating.

Ben is also one of my best friends in the world. I think he’d say the same about me.

It’s not supposed to work that way. We live in terribly polarized times. Liberals and conservatives watch different TV, live in different places, and mostly think the worst of each other.

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WATCH: Crowd Sings ‘O Canada’ at Flyers Game in Pittsburgh

Hockey fans at the Philadelphia Flyers / Pittsburgh Penguins game last night in Pittsburgh turned out a rousing rendition of Canadian national anthem “O Canada’ in a show of support following the shooting yesterday afternoon in Ottawa.

Crooner Jeff Jimerson led the crowd through the song while two maple leaves were projected onto the ice. It’s a touching tribute to Nathan Cirillo, who was killed in the attack at Ottawa’s National War Memorial. Check out the video above.


Roundup: The Four Sexiest Homes in Philly

Sexy Philadelphia home listings

There are only so many words to express what makes a particular home stand out (“Elegant!” “Unique!” “Luxurious!”). How about “sexy”? Below, the four properties currently on the market that have — according to their listings — undeniable sex appeal.

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Another Dilworth Park Amenity Opens Friday


In addition to Rothman Ice Rink opening next month, Dilworth Park will be debuting another feature: the Albert M. Greenfield Lawn.

According to a press release from the Center City District, the 6,9000-square foot green space will be dedicated and opened tomorrow at 11:00am. The site is expected to function as a relaxing public area for visitors to go read and work, with occasional programmed events setting up camp there throughout the year.

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PHOTOS: 25 Halloween-Themed Wedding Ideas From Pinterest

Little touches of Halloween at your wedding can be a fun nod to the season.

Little touches of Halloween at your wedding can be a fun nod to the season.

Themed weddings often turn out in one of two ways: they’re either tasteful and creative with nods to the theme incorporated throughout, or they end up being tacky and taken over-the-top to the point where your guests forget they’re actually at a wedding. It’s a thin line that separates a well-executed theme from a bad one, and it’s usually smart to approach planning with a “less is more” mentality.

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