Want To Sell at Art Star Craft Bazaar? Deadline Is Today!


In the past, we’ve given you a rundown of what to expect at the Art Star Craft Bazaar as a shopper, but what if you craft the most amazing woodsy-chic mugs from tree stumps or watercolor darling prints using berry juice (ahem, we’re spitballing here)? Here’s how to sell ‘em at Art Star’s highly anticipated craft bazaar on November 8th and 9th. We’ve got your step-by-step guide.

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Women-Only Coworking Space The Hive Is a Great Idea


Like a lot of people who freelance, I’m writing this post from my couch. My company for the morning? A clearly annoyed cat, a news anchor who has no business looking so perky, and a not-so-modest amount of toast crumbs.

Right about now, The Hive is looking like a wonderful idea.

Opening this fall in Old City, The Hive is a coworking space that follows in the footsteps of Indie Hall and Seed Philly (among others — plenty of us are getting sick of the crumby couch). This time around, however, it’s girls-only: billing itself as a “chic coworking space for the self-made female entrepreneur to learn, network and thrive,” this gorgeous 900-square-foot office is strictly for “queen bees.”

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REX 1516′s Burger Series for October

am burger rex 1516REX 1516′s Citywide Special Burger Series has been a big success and the South Street restaurant has just announced its upcoming participants.

Today, FOX 29′s Good Day co-hosts Mike Jerrick and Alex Holley have collaborated to create the AM (Alex and Mike) Burger. It’s topped with Maglio breakfast sausage, cheddar cheese and finished with a fried egg.

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Tie-the-Knot Tuesday: Sheri Donley + Meredith Swinney

Sheri Donley and Meredith Swinney.

Sheri Donley and Meredith Swinney.

Every Tuesday, we are featuring a Philadelphia-area gay or lesbian couple who have walked down the aisle in their own special way. Today, we feature Philadelphia’s Sheri Donley and Meredith Swinney. The couple planned their wedding for years but secretly hoped that Pennsylvania would change their marriage equality laws so they could tie the knot here; lucky for them, their dream came true.

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Start Your Day Off Right: 6 Ways to Eat Salad for Breakfast

breakfast salads lead
Salad for breakfast might sound like some cruel form of punishment that you totally don’t deserve—until you get a glimpse of these drool-worthy concoctions, that is. Who knew that getting your daily dose of morning veggies could be so Instagram-worthy?

And these breakfasts aren’t just a pretty plate: Chowing down on an egg-topped bed of kale (or spinach, or arugula) is an easy way to squeeze in your morning veggies without downing a green juice. Because green juice is great and all, but having it every single morning can get a bit old, am I right? But enough talk about salad for breakfast—let’s get to the recipes: Here, six salad-for-breakfast dishes that you’ll want to eat for lunch and dinner, too.

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Market Report: This Is The Best-Dressed Woman In The World


  • It’s official: Amal Alamuddin is the best-dressed woman in the world. I would do pretty much anything for that Giambattista Valli dress. Really. Anything. [Daily Mail]
  •  Chanel’s spring 2015 runway show, which took place earlier today, was a feminist rally. [Elle]
  • To make a new t-shirt feel super, vintage-y soft, just soak it in a quart of water with a cup of salt for three days. Then wash, tumble dry and you’ve got a tee that’s just as soft as those American Apparel ones. [PopSugar]

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