A Funny Play About Rape Is Happening In Philly This Week


Starting this weekend, Adrienne Truscott, a native of Linwood, Delaware County, is performing her critically-acclaimed show Adrienne Truscott’s Asking for It: A One-Lady Rape About Comedy Starring Her Pussy And Little Else in Philadelphia, a production of Simpatico Theatre Project.

Yes, it’s a comedy about rape and one that was the underground hit of the 2013 Edinburgh Fringe. Naturally, we had to get the Brooklynite on the phone to find out what the hell she’s up to here. Read more »

Update: The First Official ‘Instagram Couple’ Is Married 

Last fall, we filled you in on a couple who basically summed up The Times in their love story: Boy sees girl’s Instgram photos and comments on them; girl investigates boy through social media, boy and girl eventually meet, date, fall in love and get engaged. You know. Like they do.

Well folks, in case you were wondering if that worked out, it did:

Me and my beautiful bride // Check out our wedding hashtag for more pictures of our big day! #denisgetswisdom

A photo posted by Denis Lafargue (@denislafargue) on

Their story is really something, actually. ABC News has all the details.

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All-22: McCoy On Run-Game Changes

Photo Credit: Bill Streicher-USA Today

Photo Credit: Bill Streicher-USA Today

In the Eagles’ last game against the Giants, LeSean McCoy had by far his best performance of the season, rushing 22 times for 149 yards (6.8 YPC).

In the previous three games combined, he had totaled 120 yards on 53 attempts (2.3 YPC). But on Wednesday, the Eagles’ running back insisted that the Week 6 performance did not affect his confidence one way or another.

“It was obviously a good game and we ran the ball well,” McCoy said. “But I still feel the same way I did before this year or after this year. I feel like we have a good team here. I think we can run the ball well. We have the guys up front to do it and guys in the backfield to also do it. It was a great game, we gashed ‘em. But I always felt the same way before the game, from the 20-yard games to the 150 or 149. It doesn’t make a difference.”

What did make a difference were the wrinkles added by Chip Kelly and the coaching staff. Read more »

Sneak Peek: Your First Look at The New Century 21 Store Before It Opens

The entrance from Market Street.

It’s here!

I got the chance to pop over to the Gallery’s new—and long-awaited—anchor store, Century 21, before the store celebrates its opening party tonight. (Its soft opening is tomorrow, but the store will only be open for registered C21 status members through Sunday, October 26th. More on how you can get on that list later!) There was a buzzy, electric energy there this morning as visual designers—who’ve camped out at Philly hotels this entire week, and pulled insanely long nights at the store—shopkeeps, managers, PR reps and construction guys whipped about, bringing in displays, sweeping up dust, polishing and cleaning and arranging merchandise. It was the calm before the storm, like the hours before a wedding.

The store itself is palatial: 100,000 square feet spread out over two floors. This makes for a meandering shopping experience—upstairs, we started in the children’s section (tiny Oscar de la Renta dresses and Vince tops), which leads into homewares (Jonathan Adler and Le Creuset!), then luggage (Tumi, Victorinox), then menswear (Kenneth Cole, Bill Blass, Armani, English Laundry) and mens accessories. Then we snaked through hosiery (Wolford tights!), past activewear (including a full yoga display), and ended up in women’s, where I pounced on an embellished neoprene MSGM coat (around $200; it will be mine). Other enviable names on major sale here: Pucci, Missoni, Y-3, Giambattista Valli, Milly and DVF.

Click here for more designer info, pics and details on how you can shop before everybody else.

Philly Principals Are Hungry for Money

Photo | Shutterstock.com

Photo | Shutterstock.com

If you want to get a better idea of the financial squeeze Philly’s public schools operate under, just take a look at how some of them were going to use money freed up by the SRC’s unilateral cancellation of the teachers’ contract.

Central High School was going to hire teachers.

Commodore John Barry School was contemplating the same.

And Greenfield Elementary? More paper and pencils.

Those plans are on hold now that a judge has halted the School Reform Commission’s decision this week. Before that happened, though, the SRC announced that the cancellation had freed up $15 million — money that had previously been spent on health insurance premiums for teachers — to give directly back to schools, to be used as they choose. (A spreadsheet of each school’s cash expected disbursement can be found here.) And the principals were happy to choose.

Read more »

CNN’s Jake Tapper on Growing Up in Philadelphia

jake-tapper-conversation-issue-400x400LIZ: You and I first met as students at the Philadelphia School in second grade, in 1975. That was the third year of the school’s existence, when it was still in rented rooms and before it was the normal, respected, fully accredited institution it is today. How did you end up at such a wacky place?

JAKE: My parents were hippies and looking for like-minded idealists who were coming together to form this school that visited a farm once a week and didn’t have homework or tests. Instead of gym we had “Movement.” Remember?

LIZ: Yes, we ran around the classroom to the drumbeat of our names.

JAKE: Amosita Robinson McClain! I assume you remember her.

LIZ: Of course. She had the best name to run around to.

JAKE: I wonder what happened to her. I’m going to look her up on Facebook right now.

LIZ: No, she had to keep that name because it was so rhythmic and important to the rest of us.

JAKE: I can’t find her on Facebook. But I’m sure she’s on there. She might have a fourth name added.

LIZ: Your name wasn’t that exciting to run around to, I have to say.

JAKE: Nah, Jacob Tapper, even with the two syllables.

LIZ: Given that you were a city kid, how did you feel about spending one day a week at a farm?
Read more »

VIDEO: There Was a Proposal At Chestnut Hill’s Harry Potter Festival! 

So this past weekend, there was a Harry Potter Festival in Chestnut Hill (which, how did I miss that?), and one festival-attending groom-to-be thought it would be the perfect spot to propose to his new bride-to-be!

Evan Yeatts and Abbey Waltmire met the week before both of their first semesters as grad students at Penn—Abbey, who was just starting the school’s Social Policy program, accidentally crashed Evan’s Engineering School-only event at a bar near campus. Soon after that, they attended last year’s Harry Potter Festival and had a great time, so he figured it’d be the perfect place to pop the question this time around.

He got her during the Sorting Hat demonstration. (Clever!) Take a look.

Congrats to Evan and Abbey!

To read about—and watch!—more proposals we love, go here.

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Landlord: Jon Gosselin Abandoned a Kitten After I Evicted Him

AP-jon-gosselin-andy-kropa-invision-ap-400Recently, Jon Gosselin was evicted from his Wernersville, Pennsylvania, home after bouncing rent checks. The owners say he was reneging on the rent-to-own contract he signed with them last December.

Now, they’re talking even more. In an article tastefully titled “EXCLUSIVE: Jon Gosselin Hits Rock Bottom, Star magazine reports Gosselin not only left the house a dump after being evicted, but abandoned a tiny kitten there.

Read more »

Woman Crush Wednesday: Rachel Turanski

Every hump day a Philly person shares their local picks for Woman Crush Wednesday. Today, Rachel Turanski, a performer (as Ms. Tension), life-long dance-party enthusiast, wannabe astrologer and educator. She currently teaches 9th grade English at Olney Charter High School, where she’s known on campus as “the teacher with the pink hair who raps.” 

Our Last Five Woman Crush Wednesdays:

Eagles Offensive Linemen Evan Mathis and Todd Herremans

PM: At what point in your lives did you realize that you had a chance to play football professionally?

TODD: Probably my junior year in college.

EVAN: In ninth grade, I wrote a journal and said I was going to make straight A’s in high school, and I was going
to go to Alabama and play football and baseball and then go to the NFL and then go to the WWF. Obviously, everything there was far-fetched. It’s not like I was good at anything at that age — except writing journals.

TODD: The old Twitter.

EVAN: [laughs] The old Twitter.

PM: Is wrestling still in the plans?

EVAN: Nothing is off the table yet.

TODD: Except for baseball at Alabama.

EVAN: Yeah. Baseball at Alabama was a failure.
Read more »

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