Drew Lazor on German Cuisine


Remember yesterday when we wrote about Matt Rodbard and his piece about Israeli food and Michael Solomonov over at Food Republic? Well those crazy cats are continuing their tour of world cuisines and today are focusing on Germany. And guess who showed up to write about Jeremy Nolen, Brauhaus Schmitz and how Europeans think that Americans eat nothing but giant cartoon hamburgers?

It’s Drew Lazor, who has a nice piece on the often overlooked variety in German cuisine. To wit:

Of course, just like some foreigners believe Americans subsist solely on a diet of cartoon hamburgers, the typical Yankee perception of Germanic grub tends to be shortsighted and inaccurate. How it became this way is a slightly convoluted issue, but the good news is chefs like Nolen are hellbent on righting the schnitzel ship, once and for all.

You can check out the whole piece over at Food Republic. Just click on the link below.

Achtung, Foodie! German Food Is Not Just Spaetzle, Pretzels, Schnitzel, Weisswurst [Food Republic]

My Quest to Find Toe Liposuction in Philly


Just when I think we’ve reached the end of everything we could possibly do to our bodies—dimple implants, cankle lipo, abdominal etchingThe New York Times came out with an article about women getting “Cinderella” foot surgeries so that they can fit more comfortably into their designer shoes:

 ”Dr. Neal Blitz, a podiatrist who specializes in aesthetic and reconstructive procedures (including a Bunionplasty) at his private practice in Manhattan, and operates at Mount Sinai Hospital, calls this body part “the final frontier” for those who have had work done on their faces. “My practice has exploded because of Manolo Blahnik, Christian Louboutin and Nicholas Kirkwood,” he said in a recent phone interview. “There’s nothing like opening a shoe closet that’s been closed to somebody for years.”

Foot surgery to alleviate discomfort from wearing high heels is nothing new—people have been getting treatments for bunions, corns and plantar fasciitis for ages (welcome to the party, NYT!)—but the article’s mention of toe liposuction and toe shortening caught my attention. Toe shortening? Toe lipo? Is this really a thing now? Are women in Philly asking for doctors to suck the fat … out of their toes? We have officially lost our minds. We are basically one tiny step away from going back to full-fledged foot binding. I immediately set aside my very important copy deadlines to investigate. How hard could it really be to get my toes shortened and a little bit of toe lipo in Philly?

Turns out, it’s pretty hard.

To Do: Eat Cupcakes For Charity at Philabundance’s Cupcake Smash

cupcake_smashEat cupcakes, fight hunger. That’s the idea behind Philabundance’s Cupcake Smash, happening this Saturday at the Piazza at Schmidts.

Now, I tend to be of the mindset that cupcakes are always a good idea, but if you need a little more convincing, look at it this way: You get to indulge after a week of healthy eating and working out, and you get to help those in need get access to food that is fresh and nutritious. It’s a win-win situation.

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Stephen Starr Opening El Vez in NYC Tomorrow


On Friday, April 25th, Stephen Starr is opening his New York City version of El Vez. The 190-seat bar and restaurant is opening at 259 Vesey Street, in the Battery Park City neighborhood. The menu has been developed by executive chef David LaForce, who also has worked at the Philadelphia location of El Vez and a Starr task force that includes James Tracey, the culinary director for STARR Restaurants and chef Dionicio Jimenez of Starr’s El Rey.

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20 Observations On Last Night’s Performance Dinner At Volver

volver-performance-menu-autographed-4-23Last night, Art, Victor, myself and some friends were lucky enough to be able to sit down at Volver and actually eat our way through an entire “Performance” dinner during the regular course of service. It was the 6th night of business for the restaurant. The room went from nearly full to nearly empty during the course of our 4 hour long, 14-course dinner. And, for each of us, the meal encompassed some of the best, most surprising, most challenging and most amazing plates we’ve ever had. It wasn’t all perfect, but it wasn’t far off. Off the tops of our heads, here’s what we came away thinking of Jose Garces’s newest, most daring experiment.

1) You may think that you want to leave Volver and go elsewhere for a nightcap. Don’t do it. This is one of the most indulgent experiences you can have in the region, and you don’t need to consume a thing after it is over. Go home. Go to bed. –Victor Fiorillo

2) The KFS (Kentucky Fried Squab) is served on a plate with pictures of hands placed like they are cradling the food. And on the bottom of the plate (where precisely no one will see it) are the backs of those hands. –Art Etchells

3) Every single course had a reason to be there. And every single time it was because Jose Garces wanted it there—because it was inspired by some moment from his life or career. As egocentric as this is, I still prefer stories about the chef eating KFC when he was a kid to stories about the provenance of my leeks. –Jason Sheehan

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Kensington Kinetic Sculpture Derby Raises Funds with Indiegogo

kensington kinetic sculpture derby

The Kensington Kinetic Sculpture Derby (KKSD) is something of a Philly phenomenon. A rare time of year when parade floats meet works of art meet WTF?!. Hand-powered vehicles decked out in moving sculptures and sculptural scenes (spaceships! zombies! working bars!) traverse Kensington, competing for a prize and providing a pretty unique show for onlookers.

To keep the oddities and ingenuity alive this year, KKSD is seeking donations via crowd-funding website Indiegogo. Their pitch calls for keeping the Derby up and running and continuing the tradition of support for local businesses, local art, and local ingenuity. As it grows, so do the expenses, and organizers need folks who care about its authenticity to provide the funds to keep it “fun, accessible, and unique.”

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Street Style: The Hair Stylist Whose Style is Part Cowboy, Part Witch

Photo by Evan Schapiro.

Name: Kelly Martin

Hood: Bella Vista

Day Job: Stylist at American Mortals salon, with Market East and Graduate Hospital locations

Where We Found Her: Grabbing lunch at Talula’s Daily in Washington Square

What She’s Wearing: Hat from Free People; jacket from Hellz Bellz  (“[It's] from about six years ago. I added the patches on the arm and pin on the collar myself”); necklace from Child of Wild; tee from American ApparelZara jeans; Olivia ankle boots from Madison Harding.

Click here for a closeup of those boots—which you can buy now!

Maclin On Health, Life Without DeSean

Jeremy Maclin had just finished up some pitch and catch with Nick Foles when he met with a handful of writers outside of the NovaCare Complex Thursday afternoon.

The receiver is participating in all of the workouts as the offseason training program gets underway and is running routes. He expects to perhaps get limited reps during OTAs but said that if it were training camp, he would be fully cleared to do everything, including 7-on-7 and 11-on-11 drills. He added that he does not intend to wear a knee brace this season. A positive update all the way around.

With the health questions out of the way, the focus shifted towards the departure of DeSean Jackson and the impact it will have on both Maclin and the offense as a whole. Read more »

Why You Should Be Eating More Chocolate




In the best news I’ve heard all week: It turns out chocolate isn’t just good for our hearts, it’s good for our guts, too. A recent study found that eating cocoa may increase the number of good-for-you bacteria, or probiotics, in the gut, according to The New York Times. And in case you’ve forgotten about Michael Pollan’s passionate ode to bacteria, the lesson he taught us is this: These tiny microbes living inside of our bodies are our BFFs, influencing the health of our immune systems, our weight and even our stress levels.

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