Cox Playing Key Role In Eagles Pass-Rush

Photo by: Jeff Fusco.

Photo by: Jeff Fusco.

Eight different Eagles have notched a sack this season, yet the column next to Fletcher Cox’s name shows a goose egg.

Looking at numbers alone, it’d be easy to draw the conclusion that Cox is not doing much to affect opposing quarterbacks. But that assertion couldn’t be further from the truth.

“We joke with him that he’s just as unlucky as anybody right now,” said Connor Barwin, who leads the Eagles with six sacks. “He wins consistently probably more than anybody in the pass-rushing group up front. But pass-rushing and sacks is such an opportunistic stat. He’s hit the quarterback a bunch, but the ball’s just gotten off or he’s been there first. Read more »

Uber Launches UberX In Philadelphia, But PPA Says “Not So Fast”


On Friday afternoon, the scads of Uber customers in the Philadelphia area received an email announcing the arrival of UberX, the company’s lower-cost alternative, within city limits. The company explained that it had decided to thrust UberX upon the city due to a convoluted situation that may have left hundreds of Philadelphia taxicabs without the insurance they need to operate. Read more »

17 #GayPhilly Instagrams You Should See This Week: Drag Performers Marry Under a Shower of Glitter at Voyeur and Other Snaps to Warm Your Heart

In a week weighed down with sad news, I thought it would be fun to focus this week’s #GayPhilly Instagram roundup on some of the more heart-warming snaps I saw throughout the week. It all started Sunday with what may have been the gayest wedding ever.

Ryan and Foster, also known as popular Philly drag performers Lili St. Queer and Mistor Fahrenheit, were the happy couple. Here they are the morning before their wedding at Voyeur Nightclub.

A photo posted by Mr. F (@mistorfahrenheit) on

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13 Things To Do In Philly This Weekend: Get Spooky in Manayunk, Eat Filipino Hotdogs at Garage, Go Inside The Artist’s Studio, And More

The Philadelphia Outrage Meter for the Week Ending October 24

70% of the week’s outrage was directly attributable to the bracelet bribery scandal, with 20% of the outrage directed at the existence of the alleged bribe and another 50% at the fact that the judge is alleged to have been bought off so cheaply. After all, $2,000 doesn’t get you very far at Tiffany & Co. We would have held out for something more along the lines of this.

Meanwhile, 29% of the outrage was over someone calling Bill Cosby a rapist. And the remainder of the outrage — fully 1% — was over the idea that our beloved Dr. Huxtable-playing, Jello Pudding Pop-pushing, funny sweater-wearing Temple lover could even possibly, you know, be a rapist.

Study: Fighting With Your Spouse Makes Your Relationship Hostile and You Obese 



Just in case you needed more motivation to not fight with your person and generally do all you can to enter into what will be—and remain—a loving, giving, healthy marriage filled with lots of productive, open communication and love and warmth and rainbows and baby unicorns, science has something new to declare on this topic: Fighting with your spouse—especially when combined with a history of depression—can actually make you obese, because the resulting hostility can literally slow down your metabolism.

Meaning: You won’t just gain weight because you start eating your feelings in the form of Ben & Jerry’s—such relationship conditions can actually affect the way your body processes fat in the food you eat.

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Join Us For An Exclusive Night Of Shopping At NINObrand


We’re back with our second Shoppist After Hours event, and I’m really excited about this one. First, the details: Shoppist After Hours is our series of semi-secret, super-exclusive shopping events, held sporadically at one of the best boutiques/showrooms/studios in the city. Our first one was at Ps & Qs on South Street—and it was a huge success. (See the video here!)

Next up, we’re heading to the ultra-cool showroom of NINObrand, one of my all-time favorite shops in the city. The clothing here is designed by Bela Shehu, one of the most creative minds in Philly. (Those harem pants I wear almost every other day? They’re NINObrand.)

Get more details, and reserve your spot here.

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