Year in Review: September

Photos by Ryan Donnell | Falafel Sandwich at Bitars


Dish of the Month

Pierogies at Adsum

[M]iraculous half-moons of slippery pasta dough filled with an ethereal puree of potato, topped with butter-fried onions and plated with sporadic dollops of smoky buttermilk. The iconic Polish comfort food was brought up to date without losing its sense of identity—a brutally difficult trick to pull off. Brian Freedman, Philadelphia Weekly

Quote of the Month

“Strip Club Hopes to Make it Ta Ta Taj Mahal”Foobooz

Notable Openings

Barbuzzo, Blackbird Pizzeria, Fork & Barrel, Hop Angel Brauhaus, Philadelphia Bar & Restaurant, Watkins Drinkery

Notable Closings

Kildare’s King of Prussia, Privé

Dandelion Opens at 3

Stephen Starr’s The Dandelion opens today at 3pm. For the curious the English pub will also be open on New Year’s Day.

The Dandelion [Official Site]

Year in Review: August


Dish of the Month

Lobster Roll at Oyster House

The Nissen buns – at last! – are buttered and toasted crisp. Big, lush nuggets of lobster are tossed with Hellmann’s, diced celery, and celery salt, and heaped to overflowing on the roll, about five or six ounces worth. Rick Nichols, Philadelphia Inquirer

Quote of the Month

“The foie gras ($15) was as small as half a premature baby’s foot.” – Phyllis Stein-Novack on Adsum.

Notable Openings

Chhaya Cafe, Sumo Sushi, Sweet Ending

Notable Closings

Hot Potato Cafe, Pour House

Year in Review: July


Dish of the Month

Dry Pepper-Style Crabs at Han Dynasty

[Han] Chiang’s chefs portion up hard-shell crabs, lightly dust them in flour to provide a salty crunch, deep-fry them and then stir-fry the suckers with peppers in hot pot stock, which the crab meat engulfs in an embrace, like two people in love who haven’t seen each other in a year. This painstaking process turns out shells hard enough to provide the fastidious glee of digging out the tender meat inside, but soft enough to crack between your thumb and forefinger; this Marylander approves. – Drew Lazor, Meal Ticket

Quote of the Month

“Waiting for Good Dough” – City Paper’s Philadelphia pizza story ‘s title.

Notable Openings

Adsum, Catahoula, Paloma

Notable Closings

Bebe’s Barbecue, Headhouse, Kong, Roy’s

Tips For Single Ladies

Dear Monica, With the New Year coming, can you give us single women suggestions on how to break out of the same old rut? — B.B. Center City

Dear 2010, it’s been fun, but we’re moving onward and upward and welcoming the New Year with a fresh start. So long to the string of bad dates and bad boys of 2010. Hello to only dating good guys this year. While your standard New Year’s resolution may be long forgotten come February, here are a few worth keeping. This year we will learn from our mistakes. Read more »

Freindly Fire’s Biggest Winners Of 2010

It’s that time of year again when Freindly Fire heaps praise upon those most deserving. You probably aren’t going to find these winners on the lists of typical media outlets, most of which bow at the altar of political correctness. Read more »

Swift Year and a Half

Swift Half Pub on the Piazza at Schmidts has announced it will be closing after New Year’s Eve festivities. The pub opened along with the Piazza in Spring of 2009.

Below is the quote on Swift Half’s Facebook profile.

“New Years Eve is Swifts last night in existence. Come join us for tears, laughter, celebration, and let’s drink the place dry. Thank you all for a great year and a half. We love you all.”

Update: It looks like Swift Half won’t be dark for long. Michael Klein has the details on what might be Gunners Run.

Kathy Griffin and Anderson Cooper on NYE

Controversial comedian Kathy Griffin will again host New Year’s Eve with CNN anchor Anderson Cooper live from Times Square this year. If you forgo all the Philly parties – like the Balkan Dance Party with the West Philadelphia Orchestra at Tritone, the boozefests at just about every single gay bar in the city (Woody’s, Sisters, Stir, 12th Air and Tabu), or even an evening of live music at Kung Fu Necktie – then staying home with Indian take-out and watching the ball drop with these two may be about the gayest way to ring in 2011.

Here’s what Griffin had to say about the embargo on cussing this year:

For the Eagles, a Loss Is a Loss

I’m confused often, but especially today.

I’ve got people telling me that the Eagles losing Tuesday night to the Vikings in the Ed Rendell Memorial Bowl is actually a good thing. Read more »

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