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Happy New Year! We know for many 2009 has been a struggle but when we look back at this year we cannot help but feel hope for the future. Our restaurant scene has weathered and even prospered during these tough times. We hope the same for all who came and spent a little time with Foobooz. It’s been a privilege to share our our passion for Philadelphia’s wonderful food scene with you.

We’ll be continuing our wrap up of 2009 but wanted to leave you and 2009 with these last links.

New Year’s Eve Guide with last second options.

What to do on New Year’s Day.

Year In Review: August

Root Cocktail Contest - Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction

Photo via Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction

We’ll be looking back at the year in Foobooz. August, 2009,


Dish of the Month

Braised Pigs’ Feet at Bibou

For the more adventurous diner, there were the braised pigs’ feet ($25), served deboned and rolled in a light breading. The dish’s rich flavor and gelatinous texture was enhanced by a bit of foie gras stuffing and a bed of tender French lentils. – Dan Saltstein, New York Times

Smackdown of the Month

“My luck was no better with the grilled pizza, whose toppings change daily. The glory of grilled pizza is a crispy crust that holds its shape, but I could have hung the one I tried over a towel rack.”Trey Popp, City Paper

Notable Openings

Cantina at Distrito, Fond, Kong, Meritage, Verdad

Notable Closings

Carambola, Loie, Marigold Kitchen, Tangerine

Year In Review: July

Village Whiskey via Grub Street

First look at Village Whiskey’s Whiskey King Burger. Photo via Grub Street

We’ll be looking back at the year in Foobooz. July, 2009, was obviously the month of the burger.


Dish of the Month

Hanger Steak at Bibou

It’s difficult to upstage perfect, double-seared hanger steak, but the depth that green peppercorn, red currant gelée and a touch of cream brought to the dish’s red wine bordelaise sauce (a Georges Perrier recipe Pierre tweaked) had me asking for more house-made bread to mop one of my companions’ plates. David Snyder, City Paper

Notable Openings

Azie on Main, Buttercream Cupcake Truck, P.Y.T., SquareBurger, Shank’s Original, Yogorino

Notable Closings

Ansill Food+Wine, Carmine’s, Marigold Kitchen, Ocanaire, Pearl & Akoya, Taquet

Year End Round Up Round Up

Phoodie.info hands out the hardware for its 2009 Phoodie awards . [Phoodie.info]

Adam Erace penned his top 10 dishes for 2009 for yesterday’s Philadelphia Weekly. He lists his runners-up online. [Blogalicious]

Jack Curtin of Liquid Diet praises the year that was in local beer. [Liquid Diet]

The Burger Baroness lists  her favorite burgers of 2009. [FWTS]

Fidel Gastro rattles off the ten best things he ate all year, including his favorite burger. Gastro also lists theworst sh*t he ate all year, some awful things in there. [Fidel Gastro]

Thrillist lists its “headlights” of the year in food and drink. Grownup milkshakes, brats and French food did all make for a pretty great year. [Thrillist]

The secret is salt is just about 12 months old and looks back at the site’s most popular posts and her favorites as well. Hey look, Foobooz’s Burger Cruise is number one.  [The Secret is Salt]

LaBan & Nichols Look Back At The Last 10 Years

Craig LaBan and Rick Nichols look back at the last ten years of the local dining scene, a vibrant and varied time. Among the bold text highlights:

  • BYO Boom
  • Beer
  • Gastropubs
  • Farm market revival
  • Food bloggers
  • New dining destinations
  • Decline of fine dining and Walnut Street
  • Steak-house explosion
  • Changing of the guard
  • Starr’s rise
  • Garces and Vetri
  • Comfort food

Changing Tastes [Philadelphia Inquirer]

Quick Bites

Gino’s Hamburgers are making a comeback. Look for the first franchise to show up in the Northeast or Montgomery County this summer. [Philadelphia Inquirer]

Q BBQ & Tequila will be rolling out a burger menu during the second week of January. Expect thin patty California-style burger with free condiments for as little as $6.40. [The Insider]

Meal Ticket further whets our appetite for Marc Vetri’s Amis with these photos. [Meal Ticket]

Roasted Vegetable Sandwich Stands Out

Rick Nichols uncovers an Italian roasted vegetable sandwich just east of City Hall that might be the best in the city. That he means at a hole in the wall named Pasto and not the Reading Terminal makes it quite the discovery.

One hot Italian [Philadelphia Inquirer]

Square 1682 Is A Trip Around The World


The plethora of culinary influences has Trey Popp thinking dinner disaster but after a meal full of exotic twists and turns, he’s a believer in Guillermo Tellez’ Square 1682.

In a restaurant scene increasingly dominated by paeans to the “authentic” or the highly specific, Tellez’s multi-culti grab bag is refreshing, delicious and fun. Complexity and contradiction make for rich architecture. At Square 1682, you may find that they can also produce a great meal.

Melting Pot [City Paper]
Square 1682 [Official Site]

Tonight on Twitter

Checking out Twitter feeds we see a couple of interesting menu items tonight. Oyster House has fried Ipswich clams back on the menu and Snackbar has a new dessert, soft pretzel bread pudding with pretzel praline and fleur de sel creme anglaise.

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